Have you ever thought "I wish Lily was less like my psycho grandma and more like a awesome Elite from Halo." me either, but when I was messing around I came up with this! THE ELITE LILY!!! This is something I just made because someone requested it on my other mod 'Halout 3' in the screenshot area. SO REMEMBER THIS WAS UPLOADED BY REQUEST AND NOT AS A FULL COMPLETE MOD, there might possibly be unknown glitches or bugs.(Pilotofwar Inc is not responsible for Elite Lily turning psycho and wanting to destroy all of mankind. In some cases Elite Lily can scare little kids so we advise using the Elite Lily with caution and please always wear your halo headset while using the Elite lily mod. There is no real reason to wear the headset it just makes you look cool. P.S. READ THE READ ME FOR INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO INSTALL.) So ask yourself if Elite Lily is right for you!!! Download now!

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Aug 17th, 2014

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Jul 30th, 2013

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Jan 31st, 2013

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Feb 28th, 2011

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