The Edain Mod aims to take you deeper into Middle-Earth than ever before and create a game worthy of Tolkien's books and Peter Jackson's movies. In our quest for lore accuracy, visual quality and deeper gameplay, we overhauled every aspect of the original game to craft a new, immersive Lord of the Rings experience. Discover the new factions of Lothlorien and Rohan, field new units and heroes for each of the existing factions, enjoy a visual style closer to the movies and unleash the power of the One Ring with individual Ring heroes for every factions. Light or Shadow, Defender or Conqueror... the choice is yours.

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This news shows the concepts and the skins for 3 reworked heros in the next edain version.

Posted by Gnomi on Apr 5th, 2013

Greetings, companions of Edain!
The easter bunny wasn't inactive this year, his slaves just needed some time to translate his message into english.
But finally they managed to present you some things:

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Enclosed was the following paper:

Kili's design was changed according to the movie.
After having some pictures we gave him a bow with a quiver, as he's a ranged fighter.
Additionally the skin and some details, as model-contours, the face or the belt, are now much closer to his movie design.

In the next version Kili and Fili will have a much more important role, as they are huge role models in "The Hobbit" for many people.
Thorin will have a new ability in the next version, which is available at level 1, changing his concept a bit:
His base values were lowered, but with his neviews Kili and Fili since the beginning he'll be as strong as before:

Level 1: Kili and Fili - Thorin summons the dwarves Kili and Fili as a permanent support. Both share the ability with thorin, but can level up independently. The earned experience is lost after dead.
Because of this ability, Thorin is able to summon both heros at the beginning and throughout this has a huge advantage in the fight, as he basically counts as three heros and the player is able to deal tons of damage this way.

Kili and Fili are Mini-heros and therefore have low offense and defense values and after dead you can't just revive them, but have to summon them again with Thorin.

Fili is mainly a melee fighter, whereby he has higher values than Kili. He has one ability, which is very effective, if you combine it with kili's abilities:
Level 1: Mark - Fili marks an enemy hero, damaging him a little. For the next 30 seconds Kili's "Headshot"-ability deals double damage to this hero.

Kili is mainly a ranged hero. If necessary he can also change in melee mode. He has two abilities:

Level 1: Switch - switches between bow and sword
Level 3: Headshot - Kili concentrates for a short period of time for his next shot. Having a target he shoots focusedly, dealing devastating damage to an hero.

As many people in the community wanted to see more of the dwarves, especially these two, we made this new concept for the twins. Hopefully you agree with us, if we think that this is a felicitous concept.


The strongest companion of the dwarves will become the unit breaker for Ered-Luin. The new demolisher will be Bofur, another hero the community wanted to have better integrated.
Oin and Gloin will be a summon for Dwalin Bifur and Bombur are available with a spell for their brother Bofur.

These are the new abilities for Dwalin:

- Level 1: Switch - Changes his weapon between a hammer and axes. The hammer deals much more damage, but is a slower weapon. The axes hit two targets at once and can be used much faster.
- Level 3: Heavy punch - Dwalin dashes his enemies away with a mighty punch.
- Level 5: Oin and Gloni - Dwalin summons the brothers Oin and Gloin for a short period of time. They follow Dwalin and attack every unit in their vicinity
- Level 8: Earth-hammer - only available when using the hammer. Dwain jumps into the air and piles his hammer to the ground, throwing away all enemies surrounding him and dealing a small amount of damage. Buildings will not be damaged.

With this changes Dwalin is very effective against many units, but not as effective against heros and uilings as other heros.

There are more changes for the dwarven heros, but they won't be revealed yet!

Radagast the brown

Not only the dwarven skins were aligned to the movie, but also Radagast's design. This was a very difficult and time-consuming work.
Eye catching was especially the multiple layers of his robe and the restrained legroom. The right half of his body has a long cloak-seam at his arms, but on the left side is very few cloth at the same spot. Also the hat, the mazy beard and the staff was designed to fit to the movie's look of Radagast.

The new concepts concerning Radagast won't be released yet, they will come in a later update.

We hope you liked this little "after-easter-update" and are looking forward to your feedback!

Your edain-team

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:ANCALAGON: Apr 5 2013 says:

Cool, i didnt want the radagast the hatless, and i really like the idea of summoning fili and kili permanently with Thorin. I really hope you guys release a map of Dale and Erebor, The only changes would be to add the two big statues of Erebor and give dale an architecture like in the movie like the red tiled roofs and the beige bricks and add civilians. I was recently playing a map where I could take control of a city by just catching the signal fire and in Dale we could have a signal in the middle and whoever gets it gets the city and its inns and outposts. I really like this mod, its the best mod Ive ever played!

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twnlove Apr 6 2013 says:


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Guest Apr 6 2013 says:

When can we play Edain 4.0???

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:ANCALAGON: Apr 7 2013 says:

im so hoping you guys read this:

I justt watched the movie again...
and here are my thoughts on what could be changed and made better

for the mighty dwarves of erebor!, oh and dale:
erebor's entrance, the front and the statues and if u notice there is bridge(small) that leads to the doors. also there is terrace from where thorin and thrain see the dragon and when thorin sounds the alarm, u can see there are civilians in erebor and there are lights(lots) and bilbo also describes erebor as a "fortress city". and there could be a walkway that leads to the throne of erebor with the arkenstone embedded in the throne that has a column of rock with gold on top of it.

NOW to Dale:
the city is on higher ground( a hill) and there is a scene where u could see that there is a domed building on top. Dale has walls and bridge that leads to its gate and also a river outside the walls. for the walls you could just recolor the minas tirith walls or the castle walls to the yellowish colour. the gate has tuscan architecture with red tiles and so does all of the city. plz add civilians too

thranduil should also ride his deer
Rivendell: it should be remade into an awesome map like it is in the movie with the waterfalls and the awesome buildings(plz make to as accurate as u can)

azog should be bigger than a regular orc and be able to ride his white warg.

for everything else, u guys just took the words out of my mouth and made it all real, especially gandalf and the dwarves! thanks for the best mod ever!!!

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baby-of-no-one Apr 8 2013 replied:

and the fat goblin. also radagast should ride his rabbits instead of the eagle

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:ANCALAGON: Apr 8 2013 replied:

i think the fat goblin is the great goblin hero for goblins, but i agree he should be fatter

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jinete Apr 11 2013 says:

When can we play Edain 4.0???

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:ANCALAGON: Apr 14 2013 replied:

i calculated the time between 3.7.5 and 3.8.1
it was 259 days
225 days have passed since 3.8.1, so maybe a month more is left!

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GimliLongBeard Mar 26 2015 replied:

haha i laughed at this comment

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Guest Apr 23 2013 says:

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Guest Apr 25 2013 says:

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Gnomi Author
Gnomi Apr 26 2013 says:

The campaign doesn't work. It will be fixed in hte next version.

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nooblordz May 2 2013 says:

goblins would be much better not separate into 3 parts

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Guest May 4 2013 says:

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nooblordz May 5 2013 says:

we canat play all infantry type on goblins, warg riders(goblin), half trolls etc.

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Gnomi Author
Gnomi May 5 2013 says:

You can buy nearly all things - but every king offers you different special features. Therefore you have to decide what exactly you want and which gameplay you prefer - strong spamarmies, fast pillaging or elite fighters.
Most of us don't like the simple "I just can buy everything without any limitations."-schema. We want the player to think about their decisions and give them different parts to chooseYou should always be able to play different ways, even if you're always playing one faction.

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Lucafaka93 May 7 2013 says:

Any news about the release date?

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Gnomi Author
Gnomi May 7 2013 replied:

Release dates will never be given. (perhaps a week before the release, but not earlier)

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Tienety May 11 2013 says:

Amazing, so Radagast remains in Rohan or what happens to it?
I had an idea:
Have you considered transferred Gandalf to Rohan? Gondor/Arnor already have two ring heroes. Rohan has only one that does not fit into Rohan. Gandalf would fit perfectly into Rohan. Gandalf had a horse and also called him a White rider. Forlong and Cirdan could assume the role of Gandalf in Gondor and Arnor.

Radagast could be moved to Erebor and the Iron Hills, they has no sorcerer, Ered Luin already has Gandalf. Maybe Radagast will Battle of Five Armies in the film, it is also possible that helped to defend Erebor during the War of the Ring.

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Gnomi Author
Gnomi May 12 2013 replied:

We are discussing the radagast problem atm.
Gandalf probably won't become buildable for Rohan - Gandalf would be availabel in gondor (and arnor), the dwarves, via spell for imladris and as normal hero for rohan... for me that would be too many possibilities. On the other factions he either has completely different abilities or is only summonable for a shrot period of time. But for rohan he would be the same as for gondor... I personally wouldn't like it, especially as he would be a ring hero for both factions. Every faction should have an own unique ring hero.

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Tienety May 13 2013 replied:

Maybe you misunderstood me, I thought that Gandalf could be removed in Arnor/Gondor. Rohan does not have anyone suitable who would use the ring but Gondor/Arnor has two.

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Gnomi Author
Gnomi May 13 2013 replied:

And why should he be removed from Gondor?

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Tienety May 15 2013 replied:

Why remove Gandalf in Gondor?
1) Rohan has no suitable ring hero, Radagast does not fit into Rohan, nowhere in the book is not described that should have anything to do with Rohan. This is the same as though you added Denethor in Imladris. Gandalf would fit into the role of ring hero for Rohan. Gandalf have the fastest horses from Rohan and the nickname White rider. In the film is clearly visible hostility Rohan (Gandalf) against Isengard (Saruman).

2) We need him Gondor? Boromir is the ring hero for Gondor. Also Denethor wanted to get a ring. Gondor has so many characters in the book that would be enough for two maybe three factions. Gandalf could stay in Gondor in tree spells or beacon as temporary help.

3) Radagast lived in Mirkwood and Beorn was his friend. Therefore, more suited to the dwarves or Mirkwood elfs.

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Ithryn_varni Aug 21 2013 replied:

First, great work on a wonderful mod :-D

I think the Radagast problem is solved in the most smoothest way by having him in Rohan, if you consider the other possibilities.

1) Rohan is the faction that seems to have great respect for animals and honor their horses in song and tales. Radagast has left the company of elves and men to care for Middle-Earths flora and fauna instead, so why not help the most animal friendly faction (except for the elves of Lorien and Mirkwood)

The other faction who would be able to summon Radagast should in that case be Lorien, since (according to the lore) Radagast lived in the Anduin valley (Rhosgobel), and seemed to have some sort of contact with Beorn (and maybe Thranduil?).

None of the other factions are really fit to have the brown wizard fighting along side of them:

The only possible reason for Radagast to fight with the dwarves is for the protection of Dale and/or Erebor. Dwarves have Aule as their main God and Radagast is a servent of Yavanna, stone and metalwork vs animal welfare and treehugging, that does´nt really fit...

Is a bit to far away even though the high elves seems to have the most contact with members of the Istari. I do not think that Radagast would consider the strongest to be the ones in most need of protection, rather that the weakest is the ones that he seem to care for.

They have the White Rider and Radagast is not mentioned to visit the White City regulary. Arnor have a bunch of good heros (old and new) so putting the Brown Wiz there would just make him a lesser hero.

As a ringhero Radagast would have a bit of change in his powers, maybe something as in the hero-submod.

I will not discuss the evil factions and Radagast.

Sorry Edain team and the rest of you guys who think I´m taking the Radagast thing to seriously. But I hope the modding team will find some kind of help in this comment :-)

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daow2 May 21 2013 says:

If i understood correctly the upcoming version will include a English version now my question is:Will this also change the ingame voices back to the original English? Will you maybe add quotes from the movies?

On a side note I'm looking forward for more updates to see what you guys are working on :D it would ease up the waiting

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Guest Jul 17 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Dark_Ansem Aug 13 2013 says:

thank you for this. all of this.

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Guest Oct 13 2013 says:

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