ESF is a fast paced, 3rd person fighter based on the hit anime, Dragonball Z. Select your favorite character and fly, power up, transform, melee, and beam your enemies into pulp. Each character is given signature moves and abilities to compliment different style of play. Some are stronger in hand to hand combat, others are better with energy attacks. Play in three different game modes, deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the dragonballs. There is a learning curve so newbies beware. This is not your normal Half-life mod.

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Questions and Answers about the recent destruction picture

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A couple of weeks a go we showed you some images of destruction for ESF. This raised a few questions with some people, so in an effort to answer these I collected a few and presented them to Raven for answering.

Before we get down to it I would like to point out some things. First of all not every map with have destructible objects in it but we will make an effort to get it working in some of them. Secondly and more importantly, Destruction will only be enabled on certain objects and will not be enabled on terrain at all. We are adding decals to give you burn marks, cracks and other effects but nothing more than that will be used on the ground.

Now down to the questions, With a bonus for those that make it to the end.

What destruction method are you using, Will it be pre-animated, only break in certain places or fully dynamic?
It will be dynamic destruction, not dynamic fracturing. Meaning the assets will be pre-fractured but can break differently each time. Each chunks that gets loose is a rigid body in the physics engine and can therefore interact with the world.

What is the limit of this destruction? The tower shown is pretty small compared to esf_city with dozens of buildings.
The limit is basically the hardware. In theory we can destroy everything. We will however limit ourselves in order to preserve a certain performance of the game.

One tower is believable, but what if all towers get destroyed simultaneously? How will this affect FPS?
The more active chunks (rigid bodies) there more of an FPS drain will occur, we will therefore try to find a good balance between good looks and performance drain.

How strong will objects be? Can players swoop past, transform near or throw others into them to break them or will only strong beams work?
That is totally up to the artist who created the assets, in this case our mapper(s).

Will the models re-spawn after some time or be destroyed until the next game?
Not at the moment. A map reload or map change will bring them back though.

Does this mean all destructible objects will need to be remodeled?
Not all of them but some might require some fixing as the fracturing algorithms require closed manifold meshes in order to work properly.

Will there be options to turn it off?
Possibly, yes that depends on the final concept. Meaning if objects will be partially destroyable and have to be synced between clients, then we have to force it for everyone or only leave a server-sided switch. One wouldn't want a tower to be removed for one client while the other one can take cover because he turned off the feature if you know what I mean.

Will the destroyed objects stay or fade away? If they stay what will be the performance toll for Nvidia and ATI?
This is not yet decided and will be subject to change depending on the actual performance drain in upcoming tests. Leaving all the chunks in place won’t be a very wise decision performance wise. Some chunks might stay though, we’ll see.

What kind of struggles did you encounter during the making of all of this?
The kind of no proper documentation for the technology. On the other hand I wrote a thesis about that topic and it includes a lot of the issues one might face when dealing with dynamic destruction.

You can see Raven's thesis here

What kind of plans do you have for the future implementing these?
We just want to make it work for now and perform in a way that we can live with it.

What objects are planned to be destructible? For example, if the City map is still going to be in, will the Mr. Satan statue finally be destructible?
The city map as seen in some old screen shots is currently not included. We have several w.i.p. city map concepts but as it is right now we lack the manpower artist wise to complete them. I hope that someone will finish them, if so then they are free to decide whether they want to destroy the Mr. Satan statue or make it a static object.

Will the destructible objects be able to harm players?
They could do that, right now they don’t.

Will you be considering an option on the dragon ball wish list to restore the land/objects if yes will it provide a benefit?

Not yet planned, but that’s a cool suggestion.

Even with some settings turned off, how will a game handle ~10 players blowing things up and killing each other?

That totally depends on your computer. My computer handles it just fine and in time most computers will. However this is definitely a feature that requires some extra power. We will try to find a way to balance it

Will Ki blast make tiny holes in them until the rest of the structure can't carry its own weight and collapse?
That depends if we decide to make the objects partially destructible meaning network synching each chunk or if we kill the whole object when it dies. We haven’t really decided that yet. It will depends on the outcome of some performance tests that we will have to do.

Will giant energy blasts like spirit bomb completely vaporize the structures?
Maybe, that’s a question for Dalte. Technology wise we can do it.

Will beams just make giants holes at entry and exit positions?
That is not yet decided. Also depends on the network synching test outcomes.

Thanks to Raven for taking the time to answer these. If you have any more feel free to ask. The best place to reach us is the forums but questions on ModDB and Facebook will be answered too

And now the bonus courtesy of Dalte


Hey, thanks for the article guys. Its a welcome addition among the series of screenshots. Any plans on more things like this?

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Deverz Author

I'll see what pops up. I can only work with what I'm given :)

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First of all:Thanks for answering our questions.
As expected from professional team like yours :)
I expect more answers in future,and we will keep asking :D

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The Q&A was very nice, thanks guys ;]

Oh and I like those moves.....

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Really appreciate the time you guys took to answer all these questions, pretty awesome so far, can't wait to see the final work on this, of course, this might evan be scrapped all together due to some random c*** but still, the concept is just awesome.

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Well its primarily a university thesis for Raven. Its application to ESF is second in nature.

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I have two questions:
What´s the requeriments of the mod?

Will the game have massive violence?

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Requirements are not set yet, as the code has not been optimized yet. We do know you will need an SSE2 compatible CPU and a GFX card that can at least run DX10 (even though we are not using DX itself, a card that supports it can run it 100% while older cards may or may not run it depending on the model)

And define massive violence. Its not Mortal Kombat ^^

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I´m saying violence like in the original anime.Sorry for not explaining :S

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We have a very basic combat system that consists of "hold one button and fly in to someone to hit him with a punch, a throw animation or a combo animation"

Thats about the extent of the combat itself. The main question in ESF is more along the lines of "how will i outfly my opponent to get in that one hit that gives me an HPO advantage". And with the freedom of movement that can lead to some really interesting tactics.

One could say ESF is one of the worst DBZ games by its content, since it isnt a straight up fighting game. And at the sime time one of the closest DBZ experiences for the player, since so little is left to luck. AS you play, as you practice you yourself make huge leaps in skill going from not even touching the opponent to being pretty much untuchable even in a situation where there are 2 opponents going at you.

So it kinda depends. If you want a game thats close top DBZ itself and nothing else, then you may not really like ESF. BUt if you like the feeling of seeing progression as you practice yourself (and trust me it shows in this game, a small advantage in skill is what separates loosing horrible and owning the other guy) then youll probably love this game.

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