The story takes place in Russia at the secret plant called "Object E7" or "Black Star" at the same time as the unexpected consequences at Black Mesa. G-Man was planning to organize three incidents of portal opening originally. First one - at Black Mesa Complex. Second one - at Black Star plant. The third place is unfortunately unknown. But thanks to the fact that the cascade resonator at Black Star was out of order, the planned incident didn't take place there. Object E7 is a laboratory complex researching anomalous materials and organisms. Its academic adviser is Dr.Victor Shmurghe. He has connected directly with G-Man. The protagonist is a political prisoner who was moved from a jail to Object E7. His main purpose was to test a prototype of the new protection suit H.E.V.5000. But he could escape during usual testing by chance.

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AdamDenton1 says

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Great mod, but the ending could be better...

I played all mod and I just can say, that for the one-man's work it's perfect! Very interesting plot, very good mapping, great using of new prop-models and graphical effects, amazing using of HL soundtrack. And there are even placed some easter eggs and secret levels! For me it's one of the best HL singleplayer mods, and I know what I'm saying, because I played almost all of them. But this mod I played in one breath! Thanks for the author, it's a great step forward (first his mod was Dopusk31, if someone didn't know).



NATO2000 says

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mod is great,but,some clue were so hard to find out!

and, the end?the end is so *******。。。。。。。

Мод просто охеренный: просторные большие уровни, аккуратный и логичный их дизайн, новые модели\звуки (жаль, не хватает музыки новой), здесь и пасхалки и секретные уровни, приличное время геймплея. Закрываю глаза на то, что не хватает новых диалогов (для проекта такого уровня непозволительно, чтобы весь сюжет был текстов в углу экрана", 10 из 10.

Great mod! I like it!

1) some locations are made by "copy-paste" method
2) mod is little bit too long (yes, this is minus for me). It could be ~30% shorter.

1) Unique athmosphere
2) It looks like more HL2 mod, rather HL1-mod ;)
3) I'm proud of our russian mappers, keep it up

I'm giving this mod 10/10, despite of minuses.

I've said it many times before and I'll continue to say it until I die. The Russians are gods when it comes to Half-life modding.

The mod is very long and jam-packed with plenty of secret levels and easter eggs, not to mention plenty of action and puzzles.

It drones on after awhile and some levels vary from easy to very hard, but if you need something to do for the weekend, then just give this mod a spin, you'll be in for quite a ride :)

This is a good mod, a strange but cool mix between Dopusk31 mod some Ispiliatel mod touches also, and a bit of Paranoia mod also.

As any other HL1 russian mod, this feels pretty east europe, is actually interesting how HL1 mods developed into russian or east european environments feels like you are actually in there, i mean in russia not in the weast side at all!, That's actually really cool and i like the whole environment of this mod.

The new weaponery is definitely a superb plus for me and i loved the AK47 and the RPG.

And well, the main shborfalls of this mod came in matter of some void areas where u found too few ennemys and well more xenian ennemys are missed, the hardcore zombie is really cool, but it felt quite repetitive, i'd love to see some normal zombies and vortigaunts. Also some parts are a little bit darkened but overall the lights of the textures are great and is just a well ballance of lights.

Exploring in this mod is esential and is very fun, you will found some "surprises" along the way, please be advise u have to active "noclip" in order to find some of those "surprises" or "little secrets", this mod has.

Overall and in conclussion a great mod you have to PLAY NOW, and well for me it felt like if this would have been the sadly lost Ispiliatel3 mod, also another russian title. ok so go on and play it!

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