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Apr 13 2013 Anchor


DCG 3.5 works fine in MOWAS, but campaign.exe crashes in MOW. I have version from file update_setup1.17.5.1-en-fr-is-sp-1c-full.exe


May 1 2013 Anchor

We need more info about the crash to troubleshoot - for starters:

2) Which version of Windows are you using?

3) Where is your Men of War game installed (eg. C:\Games\1C Company\Men of War. Assault Squad)?

4) What were you doing when you encountered the error?

5) What is the text of the error message you see, if any?

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May 2 2013 Anchor

Hello. I have been playing with DCG for a while without any problems. But suddenly the game crashed on mission load.
Here is the info:
1. I have DCG 3.5 for Assault Squad.
2. My OS is Windows 7 home x64.
3. Men of war istallation path: C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\men of war assault squad
4. I have just finished a mission and started another one. Then the game crashed.
If it can help: The only unusual thing i've done was mounting just looted AAgun to a truck.
5. Now, the error:

I know my english is not well(sorry for that), but i hope you will be able to understand what i've written.

Dec 23 2013 Anchor

Whenever i start up Men of War it crashes and this pops up
---------------------------Exception---------------------------unexpected token (etargetselectammo.cpp, 169)------------------------------------------------------------------>>>>> main>>>> mp.thread_single.exec>>> thread.exec>> clockThread:onExecute> file "/set/target/ammo.set"8: {"grenade ic" {ready_for_shot«}}9: {"mortar fg" {ground}}10: {"grenade fg" {check_grenade}}11: {"shell fg" {ground} {ready_for_shot}}12: {"shell fg" {ready_for_shot}}Men Of War - v1.022.1 - standard2009.01.22 09:14 - 0x007FF514---------------------------OK ---------------------------

Dec 28 2013 Anchor

You need to update your game to version 1.17.5. DCG 4.0 doesnt work with any other lower version. You can find the 1.17.5 update here ---> Forum.1cpublishing.eu (you should use the 1.17.5 full version).


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