This mod based on Frank Herbert's epic Dune saga, features a struggle to control one planet - Dune, Arrakis, a barren desert wasteland which is valuable for one thing only - the spice melange. The spice has the universe addicted to it; it extends life, it allows for the Navigators of the the Spacing Guild to fold space, travel from one point in space to another without moving, it is the basis for the economy and trade of the known universe. The spice is created by Sand Worms, giant creatures that live their whole life in the sand. The mysterious Fremen worship the worms as Shai-Hulud, the Great Makers. Dune Wars is a total conversion of Civilization 4 : Beyond the Sword. Features include: + 9 playable factions + Spice and Harvesters + Massive sandworms roam the desert + Pay the guild to transport troops from your homeworld + Water, Offworld Trade, Unique Civ Abilities, Terraforming and more... Are you ready to become the sole ruler of Dune, and in turn, control the universe?

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Dec 23rd, 2009
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This is the latest version of Dune Wars with loads of cool new stuff. The key changes are a complete rewrite of the Wonders; AI improvements; and gameplay changes to increase the difference in play styles between the civs.

Version 1.7 is released. See the first post in the thread for download details. Please *delete* or *rename* your previous Dune Wars installation directory. The installer, unfortunately will not do this for you.

Alert! Some people with Steam installs have reported that the installer fails, complaining that you are not updated to BTS patch 3.19. If you receive this message:

1. Please make sure you really are updated to 3.19.
2. Download this zip file instead of the installer
3. Unzip the file into your Program Files/...BTS.../Mods directory.
4. Find your existing directory My Documents/My Games/Beyond The Sword.
5. Underneath that, create a directory Dune Wars. Underneath that create a directory UserSettings (no space between "User" and "Settings")

1.7 Changes

Wonder rewrite by Deliverator
* See this post for the design spreadsheet
* See this post for the first release note.
* See this post for the second release note.

Internal changes
* Updated to the latest version 2.61 of RevDCM, version 0.82 of Better BTS AI, and version 4.2 of BUG with version 1.0 of BULL (ported after extensive work by keldath). There are a number of gameplay and interface changes in these. You may easily spot the "Show Hidden Attitude" diplomacy mod and the "Building Actual Effects" city screen mod.
* New installer automatically creates UserSettings directory under My Documents\My Games\Beyond The Sword\Dune Wars so Vista and Windows 7 users no longer need to run as administrator (by phungus420)
* Added Lead From Behind modcomp (by UncutDragon, merged by keldath)
* Hid "Choose Religions" game option. The code is still there but it defaults to "off" and does not appear in the game options screen.

Civilization diversity changes
* Previously both Technocracy religion and the Ixian civilization specialized in Thinking Machines. Now Ixians specialize in vehicles.
* Renamed Ixian unique resource from Thinking Machines to Ixian Weaponry
* Removed Ixian UB for Automated Factory and Computerized Research Center
* Added Ixian UB, Skunkworks, gives small bonus to research and also reduces upgrade cost for any unit in city by 50%
* Redesigned Ixian mech units:
+ New strength, tech prereq, and abilities for all; see the civilopedia
+ Created new mech unitcombat, very similar to vehicle; able to obtain additional promotions like March and Shock
* Added new promotions:
+ Ixian: +10% combat, +10% withdrawal. Granted by Mechanized trait to vehicle, walker, suspensor, thopter unitcombats.
+ Sensor Array: +1 first strike chance, +1 visibility. Requires Ixian.
+ Self Repair: +25% repair rate in every territory. Requires Ixian.
+ Point Defense: Immune to first strike, -75% collateral damage. Requires Ixian.
+ Adaptive: +50% to all experience. Requires Ixian.
* The Atreides civilization can no longer build infiltrators. However, the Atreides Palace generates 1.5x more espionage per turn, and the new Duke's Bench UB generates 2x more espionage than the base Tribunal. This represents Atreides honesty and loyalty.
* Added two units for Atreides: Ducal Guard, same level as Master Guardsman; and Ducal Trooper, same level as Lasgun Trooper. Each unit is about 25% stronger and has a national limit of 4.
* Fremen can now capture any unit in the vehicle unitcombat such as quads or scorpions, but cannot build any. This is similar to capturing a slave, but only for the vehicle unitcombat, and the new unit is the same unitclass as the defeated unit.
* Added Fremen Raider unit as replacement of Roller, strength 11, move 2, 25% withdrawal chance

Minor gameplay changes
* Re-enabled "whip" (hurry population) for the slavery civic. Previously the AI whipped way too much, driving its population into the ground. With BBAI 0.82 this is less, and I have removed one reason to use it ("bad tiles"). Now the difference in total pop is very small for the AI. (SL11)
* Changed Unique Resources. Semuta and Slig are now unique to House Ecaz. Pundi Rice is reduced to +1 health; Opafire, Soostone, and Caladanian Wine are reduced to +1 happiness; wine is no longer restricted to House Atreides.
* Added promotions Ginaz Training I,II: requires Combat II, each adds +20% strength and +20% experience to melee units. Requires access to Ginaz Training offworld resource. Ginaz I automatically granted to Swordmaster unit.
* Thumper promotion now attracts sandworms and disperses them harmlessly
* Deleted Sabotage II,III and Diplomacy II,III promotions; will re-add when they do something.
* Margot of Bene Gesserit leader now favors espionage
* Master Scytale traits were phi/pro, now phi/cre
* Renamed Creative trait to Political and increased culture per turn boost from 2 to 3 (AHR82)
* New AI personality values for leaders Goya, Rhombur, Prad added in 1.6.5 and updated values for other leaders (by Ahriman)
* Player anarchy and convert city spy actions now cost 5x more
* Slightly changed culture levels for each cultural border ring (by Ahriman)
* KH Precursor used to give +25% combat strength, now it only gives +10%
* Reverend Mother used to require Water of Life tech, now it requires Academies
* Laza Tiger was not "always hostile" before, now it is
* Spice Worker used to move 2, now moves 3
* Windtrap used to grant 2 commerce, now grants 0
* Spice feature used to cost 2 movement points, now only costs 1
* Re-sorted units in the xml so that all units of the same unitcombat appear together, lowest strength to highest strength.

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Dune Wars 1.7
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