This mod based on Frank Herbert's epic Dune saga, features a struggle to control one planet - Dune, Arrakis, a barren desert wasteland which is valuable for one thing only - the spice melange. The spice has the universe addicted to it; it extends life, it allows for the Navigators of the the Spacing Guild to fold space, travel from one point in space to another without moving, it is the basis for the economy and trade of the known universe. The spice is created by Sand Worms, giant creatures that live their whole life in the sand. The mysterious Fremen worship the worms as Shai-Hulud, the Great Makers. Dune Wars is a total conversion of Civilization 4 : Beyond the Sword. Features include: + 9 playable factions + Spice and Harvesters + Massive sandworms roam the desert + Pay the guild to transport troops from your homeworld + Water, Offworld Trade, Unique Civ Abilities, Terraforming and more... Are you ready to become the sole ruler of Dune, and in turn, control the universe?

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Nov 4th, 2009
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Version 1.6.3 is released. To be installed over 1.6.1. The usual selection of bug fixes, gameplay tweaks and graphical improvements.

1.6.3 Features
Ecaz UU
* Added Elaccan Gladiator, UU for Ecaz; replaces Hardened Bladesman, strength 10, dies after any combat.
* Ecaz now controls Semuta unique resource instead of Slig.
* Ecaz UU, Smuggler, has trade mission with 1/10 value of great merchant.
Documentation changes
* When you build a landing stage, you get a popup to select which offworld trade contract you should receive. The choices now have hover help to tell you what benefits each contract gives.
* Added hover help for unique resources to show the controlling civilization, civilization unique abilities, and unique classes such as Atreides Heir and Axlotl Tank.
* Multiple popups ("Congratulations! You have built your first Archer!") used to appear if advisor popups were enabled when you built a worker, now they don't.
* Removed some leftover vanilla text from civics, such as slavery; replaced with "Stub text" messages for now (SL03).
* Corrected name of Kindjal contract to Ginaz Training contract.
* Improved description of relationship between fresh water and spice in the Dune Wars Concepts tab of the civilopedia.
Graphics changes
* New sandstorm and spice blow graphics, using particles.
* More detailed textures for sandworm and worm rider (by Slvynn and deliverator)
* New Wormsign effect
* Added Blood mod to Infantry and Shield Fighter
+ Gave all the house spice corporations proper gamefont icons
Building and unit changes
* Increased hammer cost for most early game units (design by Ahriman).
* Reinforcement screen offered units requiring resources you don't have, now it doesn't (by koma13).
* When you captured the headquarters of a spice corporation, you used to double your spice income; now you don't (AH117, AHR60).
* The Bene Gesserit did not get their UB version of the palace, so Reverend Mothers could never be built; now they get it (GE01).
* The Reverend Mother training ability only worked if the owner was Bene Gesserit; now it works for any civ (GE02).
* Thinking machine buildings (automated factory, computerized research center) now only give unhappiness to city instead of continent (AHR61).
* Reduced chance of Harkonnen to generate slave to 50%.
* Infiltrator unit can now acquire Suspensor Travel promotion allowing movement on desert waste and deep desert terrain.
* Added Landsraad Shrine, CHOAM Headquarters - from Ahriman's religion design.
- founds the CHOAM Corporation which is exactly the same as the House Spice Corps, but competes with them so cannot be built in the same city.
- Spreads Landsraad Religion
- Can turn one citizen into Merchant
- Can be built by Great Merchant or Great Prophet, must also have at least one Spice resource
- Generates +2 Great Merchant GPP
Miscellaneous changes
* Modified flavor values for leaders and techs; each leader should now research more appropriate technologies (design by Ahriman).
* If spice is destroyed by fresh water appearing nearby, remove harvester (AHR10).
* Cities are now named differently: Each civ's capitol and all Fremen cities have a fixed list of names; all other city names are picked off a global list of 100 place names (concept by Fenring, names by Deliverator).
* Change starting techs for Ix to Water Conservation + Mining, and Tleilaxu to Mysticism + Exploration (DV24).
* Small changes to religion spread rates (by Ahriman).
* Replaced about ten tech icons (by Slvynn).
* Religious victory now only requires 80% of religion instead of 100%.
* Removed "lapping waves" sound from many features (by deliverator)
+ Outpost no longer buildable on Dunes
+ Religion buildings now play Dune Wars religion music clip rather than vanilla sound
+ Fixed 5 soundtrack entries missing from Audio2DScripts.xml and AudioDefines.xml
- New Shield Fighter model, new unit buttons for this unit and Kindjal Fighter
- Worm Rider renamed to Naib's Chosen, Riding the Worm tech to Desert Rites
- Fedaykin, Naib's Chosen and Ixian Spiders now have national limit of 10
- All religions' Missionaries now require Temple level buildings, except for Technocracy
- Imperial Diplomat now has a national limit of 1
- Renamed Shai-Hulud Prophet to Shai-Hulud Mystic
- Fixed Missile Launcher Animation that was causing a CTD
- Fixes fighter and bomber upgrade paths, and added descriptions e.g. Interceptor to the names
- Fixed various other upgrade path issues - AH113
- Protective trait now gives City Garrison and Drill to Guardsman units not Suspensors
- Tweaked plantation bonus yields
- Mentat Logic now requires Mind Training OR Genetic Manipulation and Research Labs now requires Suk School OR Mentat Logic - AH41c
- Fixed some unit bonus resource requirements
+ Koma's python fix for the Homeworld screen added
+ Fixed - Heavy Carryall does not have bCanMoveAllTerrain set
+ Fixed - Slave: 2 movement points and move on desert same as worker
+ Fixed - AHR59: Master Scytale should be Spiritual, not Industrious.
+ Fixed - Rename wind trap water feature to water access
+ Fixed - AHR60: The Tleilaxu religious shrine is intended to also give +1hammer to (settled) great prophets in all cities
+ Fixed - Various inappropriate unit sound fx cleaned up
+ Switched Landsraad to lion rampant symbol to avoid confusion with the CHOAM corporation
+ All holy cities now provide +2 culture (rather than the +1 gold or +1 culture previously)
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Dune Wars 1.6.3 Patch
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