This is something I've been working on for a while now, it's a full-conversion modification for TNM, it has no downsides (other than not being able to make moltov cocktails) but a TON of benefits. The greatest example is that the old skill system has been thrown completely out the window and replaced with a new one that has 12 skills, each with 8 levels that increase gradually the more you use a skill, as opposed to how many skill points you put into a skill. In addition, every weapon has been redone at least somewhat (except for moltov's and the firestaff) and a TON of new Console Commands have been added. It features new music in the same .ogg format as TNM, it includes some new models, textures, sounds, and of course classes. This is so much new in one place, I can't really fit it all here, just play and enjoy!

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Very original ability skill system!

Luciano- says
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I Really Enjoy this mod because of well Ralph, the mini "events" ie exploding bugs, weapons, the seizure... ect there are a few problems most notably the Traveling Glitch or Traveling Bug where game crashes after you switch level which is really annoying and frustrating when all the save names are the same like at DXI, also a problem if your a perfection freak your characters name is Charlie Greene in DSTNM but in all conversations and PM's you're still referred to as Trestkon unless you pmed by Scara

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Jul 1st, 2011

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