Endlessly roaming through the Space, an alien fleet is closing to a blue planet. Its inhabitants, blissfully unaware of the upcoming threat, are struggling with the chaos they have to face everyday. And yet, it will all soon change. The world will finally become united against a common enemy. The Earth will never be the same anymore. But what will this war bring? Do the humans stand any chance against such a foe? Will everyone willingly join to fight the alien thread? And why, do the aliens seem to look so human-like?...

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Aside from possible MakeInfantry logic that gives it a unique death anim to spawn another one of itself, exactly what does the Overseer do? Its a hero unit for sure and the description makes it sound like it can produce a shield of some sort at the cost of making affected unit unable to move or attack.

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mevitar Author

It's trivial, actually. They're... very hard to kill engineers with a build limit (and you get to rebuild them if they "die"). Disappointing, i know. :P

In practice, however, it's much more important than it seems, as Vintarid structures aren't actually destroyed when their health drops to 0, but become "frozen" and invulnerable, only to fade away after short time. An Overseer can enter any such structure and restore it to 1hp for no cost.

They can also deploy to make the Vintarid reality blend into the surrounding area (healing Vintarid units and damaging enemy infantry), explode violently on death, enter vehicles without drivers (i wanted them to be hijackers, but i don't think it works with engineer logic), and i'm considering some support powers to require their presence to be used.

Note: they were available only through a support power at one point (i suppose that fits the description more), but because that way i couldn't prevent the SW from being used if one Overseer was already present, i switched to a build limit. However, they will be once again available through a support power if i find a way around that.

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"The night has a thousand eyes"

An unusual and rare sight among the metallic and twisted alien forms - a blonde human of an unsettling beauty, almost too perfect too be real. It's as if the aliens were mocking humanity by bringing the nightmares from its past.

However, it cannot be further away from truth - Overseers are Theurges that appear in their true form, commanding the Vintarid armies instead of engaging in combat themselves. Entering the battlefield has no effect on the control they have, but it splits their attention to their army and makes them unable to directly retaliate to attacks. It cannot be even disrupted by "death", as the Overseer's mind will simply detach from the body, being able to reform it later.

Note: Players controlling the Vintarid armies are actually the Overseers themselves, and only one can be present at once.

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