Endlessly roaming through the Space, an alien fleet is closing to a blue planet. Its inhabitants, blissfully unaware of the upcoming threat, are struggling with the chaos they have to face everyday. And yet, it will all soon change. The world will finally become united against a common enemy. The Earth will never be the same anymore. But what will this war bring? Do the humans stand any chance against such a foe? Will everyone willingly join to fight the alien thread? And why, do the aliens seem to look so human-like?...

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An old guy's story

An old guy's story

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We use our cars everyday. Drive to work. Get our kids from school. Buy stuff at the market. We watch films. We eat. We travel around the country. Some...

The guys for The Crystals

The guys for The Crystals

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Someone stepping in to handle the Crystalline problem.

Paladin thoughtforms

Paladin thoughtforms

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When thoughts take a physical form, and can act on their own.

C&C: Yuri's Revenge
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