10 Years ago, Deus Ex was released. Its unique First-Person/RPG elements and amazing story makes it one of the most amazing Single-Player games ever. Shortly after the release of the Multiplayer Patch, an SDK was released allowing Fans and Modders alike, to tell their own 'Deus Ex Story'. Here on Moddb, there are many Big Single Player mods featured; The Nameless Mod, ZODIAC, Redsun 2020, but lost in the depths of the Internet are many other little Fan Missions that should be recongnised. The Purpose of this Moddb page is so I can upload some of these Missions, Most of Which feature in the Mod List hosted by Off Topic Productions, and allow easier access to downloading and playablity. I have optimised many of these Fan Missions to work with the UCModLoader if they didn't already. I am not credit for any of the mods uploaded here. All Credit will be given in Readme Files.

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The Mod Loader uses entries in .int files to create a list of Mods that are available on the Computer and allows the User to start each Mod by double clicking on it in the list. The .int entries also contain several options that determine how the Mod is to be started. Or in Simpler terms, when extracted to your system folder and minor tweaking of the DeusEx.ini file will allow users to start up various mods set up to use the Mod Loader just by simply DoubleClicking on them in the ingame list. INSTALLING THE UC-MODLOADER - Unzip the 'Help' And 'System' Folders into your Deus Ex Folder. Overwriting Both Folders as you do so. * Don't worry nothing is actually being overwritten. * - Next Go into your DeusEx.ini file and change this line: DefaultGame=DeusEx.DeusExGameInfo to: DefaultGame=DeusExML.MLGameInfo - Now when you run DeusEx, in the main menu there should be an new option 'Mod Loader'. Read the Installation text file in the 'Help' Folder for more info.

UC Mod Loader
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