Desert Conflict (DC) Is looking to revive the game play of Desert Combat. Some of the mechanics of BF2 aid in helping us bring a few more things to the battlefield to play with. 1st: We've released the Very First Version of a Workable CTF to the community. DCON CTF.2 is on the heels of being released. 2nd: This release will bring in DCON .1 The true begninings of DCON and its recreations of classic BF42 Maps and DC maps. Also this will begin the phase where we are adding our custom content and physics package. 3rd: DCON will evolve and grow and create its own niches. We will also be following up on map updates and vehicles and other add-ons Desert Conflict is not being developed by any of the original DC staff or testers. We are all hardcore DC fans who loved DC and miss its gameplay mechanics. DCON STAFF Don't forget to stop by our forums at , and also drop by our IRC Channel #Desert Conflict.

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Nov 20th, 2013

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Nov 21st, 2010

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Sep 11th, 2010

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Nov 9th, 2009

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Sep 6th, 2009

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Aug 2nd, 2009

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Jun 22nd, 2009

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Mar 3rd, 2009

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Jan 3rd, 2009

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Dec 26th, 2008

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