Designed as a love letter to retro games, 80s/90s anime, and early heavy metal, DemonSteele is a complete and total gameplay overhaul for GZDoom/Zandronum that dramatically changes the flow of the game to an extremely fast-paced hack-and-slash brawler. Wield a razor-sharp sword alongside a mighty gun, and make mincemeat of your foes before blasting away his buddies. Effortlessly dodge through return fire and lop off heads one by one. Or just simply cleave through a crowd in one single dash and swipe. Gameplay rewards thinking fast and acting faster, with enhanced movement systems (Dodges! Rocket jumping!) and your overall effectiveness based entirely on how many enemies you can plow through in a row with minimal damage to yourself. Kill fast and hard, and you'll be rewarded with a slew of special moves and a bunch of damage...hang from a distance and timidly plink at them bit by bit until they die, and you'll be ill-suited for the challenges ahead.

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Apellon says

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****. Ye Illuminator And Apollo are right you piece of ******* ****. This mod is just comical and it boils my turtleneck bootyassyreum. Such Snap! Very ripe for bootysnap to take over!


What the hell is this sh*t?


MaxRideWizardLord says

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Everything about it is bad.


Supiditiy Supiditiy Supiditiy! This game is boring! I'd rather play Poopstal 3 than this weeb stuff! DEM ANIS!

What the hell is this sh*t?


Very good!


its lit

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