Deliverance is a free single-player expansion pack for Sierra's Half-Life. In Deliverance you reprise your role as Gordon Freeman in a story set after the end of Half-Life. Voted #8 in the Top Ten Half-Life Add-ons by PC Gamer magazine in May 2000.

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2/10 for ********* hard portal way of walkthrough......


supercapo999 says

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The mod just starts being badass with that huge car explosion...
A nice,fun and challenging addition. I mean seriously, this guy made escorting/protecting scientists actually FUN!, the last bit at the portal was the best part, it was hard at parts but not to the point of being frustating and that´s a good thing, however, there were some scientist freezes here and there but nothing to be worried about. It´s gotta be one of the best mods i played and i´m really looking forward to a sequel (if there is gonna be any)


Buddyconnor331 says

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Nice really nice. Take place if you don't accept the Gmans offer. Great gamplay and mapping. Escort scientists has never been so fun. There are also choices. New animations and has a easter egg to a well known enemy cut from Half Life. If your a half life fan get it I have nothing to complain about.

Well, judging by the beginning, I thought this mod would be crap, but after the first map, it gets great. Definitively worth playing. It offers a well balanced classic style playing, with some tricky brain-loading parts (I had to see the walkthrough twice to get unstuck).
I found just two negatives - one: the level design looks rather empty at some places, but I considered it fair enough and suitable for the gameplay; two: I chose the left elevator to be my destiny, and I hated taking the two scientists all around. They were a burden especially at the end where those hovering creatures that shoot the yellow electric balls (don't know what they're called), the scientist who was trying to turn on the teleport just kept dying.
Yet considering the mod in general, I say you did a good job! I enjoyed playing Deliverance a lot.



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After Half-Life ended with Gordon Freeman being put in Stasis, Many modders wanted to continue the original story. Delieverance was one of those mod that did it right.

Delieverance follows where the story seemingly stopped, But instead in the mod.. Gordon Freeman is on the move to teach a lesson to the Gman.

The mod can get very hard at times because there is an empasses on Protecting and escorting scientists, and getting past areas while in stealth.. Still this makes the mod exciting.

As with many of the original story mods, The base Half-Life weapons are around for use (or the HD pack weapons) but some weapons only are gotten later in the mod.

A sweet classic. this mod is still as good as I remember, good mapping, good story, 2 endings not many mods do that :P, great cut-scenes can challenging at times especially on the first ending :D

A must play.



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A very good mod indeed, one of the best I have played. It is incredibly well-designed, and the idea for two separate endings is something great which I have not seen in a mod before.

A couple of minor annoyances throughout was that the constant reliance on keeping two scientists alive became frustrating after a while, and I also found the AI's path-finding untrustworthy at times.

But on the whole, a very excellent mod. Definitely sets the standard for mods made everywhere.

Nice work on this

Very well done. I played this way back when it came out.

Don't lose your chance to play such a great mod!

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