Decay is the story of a human life. From the second a human being is born, they are in a perpetual state of Decay. This game explores that concept, taking you through a surreal version of our own world. Decay was made by a group of 5 students at Champlain College as an out of class project on their own time. It was an expirement in a lot of ways for the designer, writer, and artists. There are a few rough edges to be ironed out before the games actual release, but it will be along shortly for anyone to play.

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Perfect mod. Perfect maps... everything in this game is perfect


Don't we get old and die? Because the game finish in a work place and not in a cemitery (or something like that)

very good mod


MrBaman says

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I loved this mod. It kind of makes me wonder what happens to fun overtime. You start out life and you are playing with toys and having fun. Then school comes and for many years you feel like you're in prison. Then it's time to get a job in order to get money, and for the rest of your life you will be working.


This is Probably one of the most Meaningful....Game i have ever played.


Satiam says

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Very nice mod with a playtime of less than 30 minutes. However, I loved it.

No content, no creative or original point of view, low quality environments and dialogues. And I'm not even trolling, I'm just so disappointed. Why would you make a mod like this? If it's going to be of low technical quality, at least have something to say, sometime worth the time and that will make you think, which isn't the case here.


thedeadcamper says

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I'm not really sure why so many people are giving this a ten out of ten, but it was an okay game. It's one of those art games that focuses more on giving a message to the player over entertaining them. While the message it's telling is life-affirming and motivational, it comes on a little heavy handed for me in this game.

This is basically one of those 'walking' games, where the player has little else to do beyond walk from point A to B, every so often picking up an object and solving a puzzle. That's fine and all, but here it's kind of too short, like it's really eager to give the player that message it wants to tell.

While I think other games and mods handle this mechanic better than this one did (The Stanley Parable), this is at least short, and definitely not dreadful or boring to play (Dear Esther)


Decay deals with the abstracted story of someone's life, going from metaphorical birth to childhood to school to the prison of corporate life. I use the term 'prison' because the mod sort of presents life in that way, becoming less colorful, gray, and boxed in as the person goes through the stages in their life. There's a subtle genius there that I missed while playing, but partly because it's not as fun for the player to experience (the boxed in part)

I like the concept at play here, particularly the various fun quotes throughout ("ignorance is knowledge"), but on the whole it doesn't feel as polished as I would have liked. I think if the mod wasn't so quick to play through, or if it was a bit more challenging, the message would have had more impact. (Like the impact of the concrete that SHOULD have happened if you choose the suicide path)


Decay is hl1 mod, why you take this name?!


Simply a masterpiece.

Brilliantly portraice how fast the human life flys by as we just watch. I simply couldn't help but shed a tear while playing this masterpiece.

Thank you many times for making this. I would MUCH appreciate it if you'd have the courtecy to make another one like this just from a different perspective or so.

again: Thank you. 10/10 from me.


epicraul123 says

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This mod, is just surprinsingly good!
This might not have fully detailed maps or a fully dynamic experience of playing, it doesn't have any shooting or fighting with others enemys... it is peaceful and makes you explore the map you are at, following the story of life since you are doing your first steps and learning as a baby to work in a bored job where most of your freedom is lost.
It just make me think how growing is the biggest challenge you have and at the same time is impossible to avoid... but this also tells you that you still have a way of going a step back, i just like the way this mod explains you a half of your life you can even say "Is not just a mod..."

But well not every mod has a 100% of chance to be the best because a thing this is missing is the 3rd age, when you are old and you are near death and also should have had some atmospheric music to give it a better experience.

Still can recommend it to people! it doesn't matter is short, it has it's purpose.

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Perfect mod. Perfect maps... everything in this game is perfect


Don't we get old and die? Because the game finish in a work place and not in a cemitery (or something like that)

Jan 27 2011 by Sirr_John