A small mod that adds decapitations to the normal Warband campaign, and places dismemberable enemies into Looter, Bandit, and Peasant parties. If you've ever wondered what King Harlaus would look like without a head, this is the mod for you.

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Holy ****, we will definitely going to add this in our mod in the future

What a nice head you had on your shoulder. I'll make throphy from it after you die!!!


Simple and very cool.

WOOHOO lets slash some JELLY! (blood and brain)

Very good mod. should be added into other mods.

Works really nicely, some problems with helmets, but otherwise it's perfect :)

Only a very small number of enemies are dismember-able.

I cant seem to get the dismemberment under way i extracted the files then dragged and dropped it into my modules folder and when i got to chopping into bandits there were no limbs flying please help.

awesome,can't wait to see it with other mods!!!

Cutting edge mod to get a head start on bloody fun >:3

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