DeathBall is a top class First Person Sport Game that combines elements of Football, Rugby and Handball. It's a mod for UT2004, but it has nothing to do with a shooter (a pure sports game). So you got these football pitches, and you have to get the ball into the enemy goal. You have a hammer tool. With that one you can kick other players around, kill the enemy ballowner with 2 hits and also kick the ball away (volley). In your own penalty zone you can kill all enemy players with one hit. With the ball launcher you can charge up a shot, the longer you hold it the harder it will be and you can even add spin to the ball, so it will curl in the air. Just like in football you should have a keeper in your goal. He has some special abilities like he's 30% faster than others,he can dodge and jump higher. Death Ball should be played with 6-10 players The gameplay is very easy too learn, but it's hard to master. At first it seems to be pretty simple, but the more you play the more...

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Deathball V2.4o

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Mod of the Month Deathball has released another kick ass version. The changes and the download link can be found at

Version 2.4n

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We've released Deathball V2.4n, with some bug fixes and features. Either download it here or from where you also find detailed infos \o/ David

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Unreal Tournament 2004
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