Day of Defeat (a.k.a. DoD) is the latest online action experience from Valve, makers of Half-Life and Counter-Strike. Stationed in the heart of WWII's European Theater of Operations, players join the ranks of an elite military squad entrenched in battle. Each team has several "player classes," that give each squad member a unique role. These include scout, infantry, sergeant, machine gunner, and more, each with a unique arsenal of historical weaponry at their disposal. Day of Defeat includes an expansive collection of missions based on key historical battles. And a near infinite number of additional missions, created by the online development community, are available for download. As war rages, squads must battle as a unit to achieve victory. Key Features: Class system gives each player a unique role Historically-simulated weaponry and items Dozens of missions based upon WWII's greatest battles. Built-in support for voice communication New features: Introduction of...

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10 Elitesse

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With so many developed add-ons for Half-Life, some mods have to make a stand out from the rest of the pack. Day of Defeat has done just that, being another top modification in the Half Life gaming community. While the Halflife game engine is outdated by most modern PC games, Day of Defeat has utilized the engine to nearly full potential. So much detail has been placed into maps, player models, and weapons that this game could have probably been released alone (like Battlefield 1942), rather than a free modification. To start off, player models are very detailed. The entire uniform has every pocket, flap, and crease covered in full shading. Everything from the soldier's digging tool, to his sidearm, and primary weapon are pictured. Faces are unique, with a strong resemblance to a tough war hero. Some of the best player models in Half-Life come thanks to the Day of Defeat mod team. Weapons are exactly like their real-life counterparts, including flash muzzles and target reticules. Not many games can put as much detail and originality that DoD put into its in-game models. Day of Defeat uses top-quality recorded audio clips, and great musical compositions to lure the gamer into a WW2 mode. The best feature of this game has to be the unique pitches of the weapons in the game. Every single weapon has a different gunshot sound, and this is good since you can tell when a machine is proned up ahead, or a sniper is waiting in a window. Sniper weapons tend to send that loud, echoing blast, while machine guns have that repetitive sound of a tooting whistle. While it may not as be fast-paced as Counterstrike, DoD does provide a decent amount of fun. It's one of the few mods that takes realism into mind, and does a good job at executing it. This is the only true mod that represents World War II to full accuracy, without the unrealistic matrix-like qualities. While it may suffer from lag and difficulty spikes, DoD is a must have download for any true player.

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8 kellyX

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10 megahacker30

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stampp says
10 stampp

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reminds me of call of duty 1 and 2

BigSm0ke says
9 BigSm0ke

Mar 27th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

I haven't experienced the time this was still a mod, but I have played DOD for a good 50 hours and it was awesome! The models, levels, gameplay, content and sounds are outstanding. The only thing that irritates me about this game is the way you throw a grenade. It would be way more awesome if you threw grenades like you throw them in Counter-Strike. And campers are not easy to handle in this mod. I'm glad some servers have a campmeter plugin installed so you don't have to deal with them everytime. But the developers did a great job on this one!

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10 macedoniaUBERALLES

Mar 4th, 2014

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10 tfdotm

Sep 7th, 2013

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9 Vcc2cc

Feb 28th, 2013

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9 gilcesar543

Sep 30th, 2012

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4 XF-Alien

Aug 18th, 2012

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