Dawn of Immolation - Power of Trade mod! Its fully reworked version of DoI mod. It have combine races, new units, weapons and heroes. And black markets!

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Lord_Cylarne says

5 agree

My THIRD edit of this review... sorry about that folks.

In my opinion... this mod needs... to be looked at. :D

I would love to rate higher... but I got down on my knees to beg for sanity.

This is the hardest... I have ever laughed. I just... don't know what is going on... it surely broke my internal organs.

2/10 gameplay
1/10 immersion
1/10 replayability
1/10 ai
5/10 graphics and HUD
1/10 tactics and balance
1/10 skins

The mustaches... oh the mustaches.

- Please fix the four mod extensions within the game manager labeled "DoI".
- Balance is a concern.
- Names of units is...
- Pink icons.
- Redundant or same races.
- The skins... Sick Orks for example. xD
- Bad FX and beeping sounds on the Grey Knight units.
- Broken AI.

Otherwise I'd rate by then like a 5 or 6. MAYBE 7 if you make somewhat of an expansive faction. Otherwise I just cringe...

Everybody try the mod out once! PRETTY PLEASE. This mod is so worth the try... probably a better try than the UA mod rofl and more rofl sakes. OR watch a video. Please don't miss out... this is your once in a life time opportunity, #yolo.


Rubric_Marine says

6 agree - 2 disagree



Fеrrum_Infernus says

5 agree - 2 disagree



Angel_of_Death2 says

5 agree - 2 disagree



Jazz-Sandwich says

2 agree

Let me just open by saying that I have no interest in participating in what is essentially a prolonged bullying campaign against Bagatur. I am surprised and disappointed by many of the culprits, who usually have my respect. This is a flawed project - this is evident - however criticism can be made in a mature way without resorting to childish personal attacks.

My score of 2 benefits from the fact that this is clearly a work of love. This is commendable and earns a point in my books any day.

Having said that; everything else needs to be revisited. I do not consider this work suitable for public release, not in it's current form. I speak only with regard to items that are your own unique work, not to leonardGOOG or the steel legion devs.

Textures: You have made many textures non team-colourable where they were previously already TC-able. Often you have these textures set to irregular and clashing colours. An alternative pallet can be interesting if handled correctly (which is subject to taste), however the removal of customisation where it previously existed is generally a bad move.

There are also various textures which appear to be produced via MS paint. These textures damage the overall feel of the mod and are unsightly.

Balance: This is a key area of concern. Your white scars can start the game with terminator squads with assault cannons, for example. If you are going to make such decisions, you must consider the implications on the races' performance as a whole, which I do not believe you have done. You must always ask:

-Why am I making this change?
-What existing factors does this change influence?
-What other changes will need to be made to accommodate this?
-Does this change perform as expected?
-Is this feature manageable by an enemy player?

I would recommend that you incorporate the above questions into all future decisions where applicable. There is much that I do not have room to include. If you would like further feedback, please PM me.


jONES1979 says

2 agree

Thanks to our friend, BoyarTactics, now no need to download this mod to see how it is made, ​​disgusting and stupid. Suffice it to just look the video.

Without a doubt, it's a shame of russian modding scene.

Bug-o'tour at his best. Just FUUUUUUUUUUUU.


BloodyVomit says

4 agree - 2 disagree



Ezekyle_Abaddon says

1 agree

So bad so if you install and play you will die from laughter.


BoyarTactics says

2 agree - 1 disagree

This mod can become really good it just needs some work here and there plus a bit more heretic blood also what convinced me to give a 10 was Dawn of Immolation - Battle for Rodina.... those hats.


Omega_man says

3 agree - 2 disagree

Oh God Emperor, please, make me unseen this!!!

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