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Writer, playtester and voice actor for the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. General toerag everywhere else. I upload some Work-In-Progress stuff from time to time: check the blog section for campaign writing, and the video section for voice-acting work.

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Once again I have no idea how the next year of my life is going to treat me. I'm moving precisely as far away from my family and friends as is possible without leaving the country (not deliberate!) to have both a full time job and a Masters course on my plate.

So.... while I'll be in a place far from my established social circles, I'll be busy as all hell and I don't know what my internet connection is going to be like. So that means a lot of uncertainty as far as modding activity goes, as well as my availability to contact all the while. If it's the case where I can spend time modding, you'll still be seeing me raise my head every now and then. If not... then you won't.

It's the case where I'm already using this blog as a means of procrastinating from studying that I should really be doing.

So yah. Work and shit.

Boo and stuff, amirite?

Later, folks.

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CHAOS space marines army Fans Warhammer

CHAOS space marines army Fans Warhammer

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Dark Force,Science Fiction,Fantasy, Fan Group

Dark Force,Science Fiction,Fantasy, Fan Group

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Dawn of War Clan

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Mod DB

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Orc clan and Orks fantasy and monsters fan group

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The Fellowship

The Fellowship

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Ultimate Apocalypse mod team

Ultimate Apocalypse mod team

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We are creating the Ultimate Apocalypse mod for Dawn of War Soulstorm.

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Sakura Matou Jul 17 2015 says:


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Kim the elite boy
Kim the elite boy Apr 1 2015 says:

You keep denying my friend requests? How come?

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BagaturKhan Online
BagaturKhan Nov 29 2014 says:

Long Live Eldar!

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Kim the elite boy
Kim the elite boy Sep 15 2014 says:

The Falcon is faster, the Scorpion, is feistier.

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Jazz-Sandwich Creator
Jazz-Sandwich Sep 22 2014 replied:

Not my work, mate! That voice, like the model itself, comes from the old tabletop-roundup mod (TTRU) for winter assault, back when WA was the latest version. The warhound titan model, and original voice, came from that mod too, among a bunch of other things you'll see populating DoW mods to this day.

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Sakura Matou Jul 28 2014 says:

You called it :P

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Jazz-Sandwich Creator
Jazz-Sandwich Jul 28 2014 replied:

How long did it take, again? I woke up with my phone telling me I got a reply. I could make money betting on these things :)

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Sakura Matou Jul 28 2014 replied:

LOL yeah you could :D

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Kim the elite boy
Kim the elite boy May 24 2014 says:

I did not know that innocent bystanders worshiped Nurgle, let alone in Warhammer 40k

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Jazz-Sandwich Creator
Jazz-Sandwich May 25 2014 replied:

The church of the Fly Lord is open to all! Nurgle's love knows no bounds, unlike the petty attentions of those other deities.

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Necronguy Jun 8 2014 replied:

:O I wanna join the church of the fly lord!

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