Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 is an independently developed Western Front modification for Tripwire Interactive's acclaimed first-person shooter, Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. Distributed via Steam.

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Darkest Hour Beta 1.0 Released! It is H-Hour on D-Day (12:15 AM French Time)...the invasion has begun.

Posted by Aeneas2020 on Jun 5th, 2008

Darklight Games are proud to unveil Darkest Hour Beta 1.0 a modification for Red Orchestra: Ostfront. After 18 months of work Darkest Hour bring the European Theatre of Operations to Red Orchestra. Beta 1.0 includes 3 new playable nations (with numerous new character models), Over 15 weapons, Over 10 new vehicles and 10 new battlefields to use them on.

We sincerely hope you enjoy playing Darkest Hour as much as we enjoyed making it and as a development team we are dedicated to making Darkest Hour the game you want it to be. To that end we promise to continue regular support and innovation for DH for the foreseeable future. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to post them on our forums at Darkesthourgame.com.

You can download the client files from Mod DB.

Allied Forces Axis Forces

A Note To Server Admins:
Server Admins please make sure you have installed the latest map fixes on the servers these were posted some days ago and everyone was informed however some servers have still not been updated. If you do not update your servers players will not be able to play on all the maps you are providing.

You can download server files & updates here (password is opensesame)

Again thank you for your support for Darkest Hour over the last 18 months we will see you all on the beach.

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Aeneas2020 Jun 5 2008, 6:12pm says:

Argh ok i've been playing with this for ages now and i cant get the text to go right please when someone auths this can they sort it out?

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INtense! Jun 6 2008, 12:51am replied:

You gotta jump into HTML mode and remove all the dodgy HTML the copy and paste added :D

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nemesis1993 Jun 6 2008, 12:37pm replied:

Hey aenas... sorry to find this out.. but theres a glitch/bug on the omaha map, because when i left the higgins landing craft near the shore... i fell right throught the map...

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RogerRamjet Jun 6 2008, 2:30am says:

Looks good guys, downloading. Though one thing, the music on the video, I know someone worked long and hard on it, but to me, sounded more like a drama piece than an action packed, fast passed game track, as there were no sound effects of the weapons or action, so it did not give me the impression it was epic as I am sure it is... excellent work on getting it released after the theft guys, congrats!

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hOMEr_jAy Jun 6 2008, 8:05am says:

Wow, I thought you´d release it at 12:15 american time, but that´s a great surprise! You just saved my afternoon!

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DjBourgeoisie Jun 6 2008, 8:14am says:

Will be downloading and playing this when I get home today. Love RO, just never have time to play it, but I installed it just the other day so I could play this mod when it released, I hope the release goes smooth :)

Btw CaptainSource while I agree it is not the most action packed song, it is a Moby song called God moving over the faces of water I believe, it's just a song backing up some video and is a better fit than some techno/heavy metal which would have felt really out of place imo.

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Bon. Jun 6 2008, 9:45am says:

I thought the music was a bit epic, not because of the content being shown, but because its finally released, like we have reached the light at the end of the tunel :D

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Romagnolo Jun 6 2008, 12:55pm says:

I've been waiting for this mod for a looong time. Finally is released. I'm downloading now and ASAP I'll post my comments here.

Thank you DH team :D

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Romagnolo Jun 6 2008, 6:02pm replied:

Fantastic mod, the best thing to do is play this mod to have your own opnios, wich (I'm sure of that) will be positives.

I had some CTD and conection problems that I am not used to have in RO, but the rest of the mod (game-play, maps, armys, effects, vehicles) are very well done.

Just one tip, the ironsight for the M1 Garand is to close to the soldier's face.

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Xxpert Jun 6 2008, 5:36pm says:

Time to buy RO for this mod!

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stenchy Jun 6 2008, 5:54pm replied:

It's only $5 this weekend, so now's a good time!

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kestas Jun 6 2008, 5:56pm says:

guys PLZ tel me how to downlode this one? i have RO game but i dont know how to downlode this game? PLZ HELP ME PLZ

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junkmonk Jun 6 2008, 6:21pm says:

lol @ over 10 new vehicles
just say the exact number if its such a smaller number

that only works for like over 1000, or MAYBE 100.

over 10 lmao.

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harv- Jun 6 2008, 10:39pm replied:

The reason for not having the exact number in the Trailer was when the Trailer was made the number of new vehicles/weapons that would make the first beta release was unknown. We knew we'd have over 10 but we didn't want to put in a wrong number. Say we claimed 18 and only deliver 12.

So I could have put in this in instead...'new vehicles, not sure how many. Don't have an exact figure'...not quite as catchy.

Now compare the number of vehicles to the other RO MOD releases. So saying over 10 is a big deal in terms of RO mods when both previous MODs failed to even match half this number for their first release.

So the use of the term 'over ## vehicles/weapons' totally works in this instance.

:) lmao

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stenchy Jun 7 2008, 12:51pm replied:


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Minuit Jun 8 2008, 5:57pm replied:

Even 5 extra vehicles is impressive. You wouldn't know that though, so shush.

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masterguns124 Jun 6 2008, 8:40pm says:


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DjBourgeoisie Jun 6 2008, 9:13pm says:

gave it a quick run, unfortunately I got that crash bug that everyone keeps mentioning, patch it up guys I wanna play this more :)

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harv- Jun 6 2008, 10:42pm says:

The previous Trailers I did had more traditional sweeping music. However like shadow-wi|| says we have reached the end of the tunnel (or the begining of a new one :P) and I think the music reflects that.

We wanted to do something different in terms of music/feeling from the last 3 Trailers.

Glad some of you liked it :)

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Psycho_Sam Jun 7 2008, 7:49am replied:

harv r chat ******** :P

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harv- Jun 7 2008, 10:33am replied:

haha :D

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killer445 Jun 7 2008, 1:48am says:

guys, i reallywant 2 download thismod, but could someone plz!!! post the link where you downloaded the filein .EXE??? plzi reallyneed 2 find it

+1 vote     reply to comment
nemesis1993 Jun 7 2008, 8:33am replied:

just download it from filefront.. then save it to your desktop... then open the folder when finished then double clik on the download symbol and it shoulr download... restart steam then it will be playable. hope that helps.

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killer445 Jun 7 2008, 9:01am says:

Nemesis god bless you, u just saved me like 5 hours of searching m8 ur mz hero +D thx a million
thx a million

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nemesis1993 Jun 8 2008, 7:44am replied:

:D no problem

+1 vote     reply to comment
fesss Jun 7 2008, 12:33pm says:

So... game crashes on launch... no info on your forums... irc channel empty... hmph.

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killer445 Jun 7 2008, 2:30pm says:

there a couple of bugs. fall to the bottim of map when exiting higgins boat + pplz skins r bugged sometines

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Snarboo Jun 7 2008, 7:48pm replied:

I had the same problem on the Normandy map when I tried to play this online last night. It crashed as soon as I joined the American team, too. However, it works fine offline with bots no problem. While not as fun, it does show off the mod pretty well.

I've noticed odd little bugs while testing this out, mostly with the weapons. For example, you can't change out the barrel on the Browning M2 .30 cal, so if it overheats, you're stuck with a hot gun. The browning has no ammo belt, either.

The Revolver and Sten are very low on the screen and hard to see until you bring them up with iron sights. While understandable, it's a shame not being able to see the weapon model outside of the barrel. The Sten also has two firing modes, despite the fact that it has no indicator for it.

The only other problem I've noticed is with the M1 Carbine. It's a minor animation jitter. When firing, the bolt goes through the back of the stock. It's hard to notice since it lasts a split second, but it's kind of weird.

Anyway, RO's excellent gameplay being extended to cover the other forces involved in WW2 is a dream come true. :) It could use some tweaks, but I'd say you guys have a good first release on your hands. Good Job, you guys. :D

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Snarboo Jun 8 2008, 2:58am replied:

Oops, I just read the in game description for the Browning M2, and it said the barrel can't be changed out. Does the barrel just cool down after a while, then, or are you screwed?

Another thing I've noticed is that the Colt 1911 is missing faces on the inside of the slide, so you can see through it when it reloads.

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BillyChaka Jun 7 2008, 3:31pm says:

Is that the ending theme to the movie "HEAT?"

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harv- Jun 7 2008, 8:14pm replied:

Yes it is. Nice spot (I'm a big Michael Mann fan :D)

It's called 'God Moving Over the Face of the Waters' by Moby.

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masterguns124 Jun 7 2008, 10:44pm says:

I NEED HELP! i get crashes when i play as american =(
help me please!

+1 vote     reply to comment
harv- Jun 8 2008, 8:51am replied:

It's a bug we are working on fixing. We hope to have a fix for it and other bugs out this week.

+1 vote     reply to comment
masterguns124 Jun 8 2008, 6:08pm replied:

ok, cool

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operation_turkey Jun 9 2008, 1:36pm says:

I've got this setup and running. I can play as Americans without it crashing so it is possible. Does anyone know if bots are properly supported in this mod? They seem so rediculously stupid it is impossible to play with them. Most of them will not even move from the spawn. Otherwise a great job on the mod. Just add in some more sounds for the weapons just sounds for when you deploy the BAR.

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hOMEr_jAy Jun 10 2008, 8:58am says:

Any news for the patch, yet?

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Lt_Veron Jun 11 2008, 6:38am says:

plage of today servers are bot servers most of players dont want to play them and on rest of servers is empty

+1 vote     reply to comment
mixa09 Jun 30 2008, 4:37pm says:

ok wtf is up with this i installed the game but i have no DH icon so i can play this game has been hacked.

+1 vote     reply to comment
mixa09 Jun 30 2008, 4:38pm says:

why is there no DH icon so i can play the game

+1 vote     reply to comment
TE5LA Apr 24 2011, 5:19pm says:

I have a Red Orchestra and Darkest Hour dedicated server running, but would someone explain how to get bots on them? I've searched everywhere for info on this but I find nothing except how to put bots in SP or from the client while hosting MP.

How about for adding bots to a dedicated server?

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