You can now play the Ordo Malleus, a branch of the Inquisition in charge of destroying daemons, chaos cults and all chaotic influence from the Imperium.

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Eran83 says

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Good mod

10/10 I like the deamon hunter really and of course i like this great mod !! Good job ! ;D


Great mod! No doubt

my favorite faction EVAH!

ja ja zer gut zer gut!

Bots don't do anything. Bug?


Jaalco says

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It looks amazing!

Top Mod Fellas don a great job..

The mod by itself is great, but without any kind of noticeable support here on moddb, I can't give a better rating. Lord_Cylarne had to post an effing link to a download-site for this mod in the effing commets section! This is really embarrassing!

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