Two teams face off in an arena with two separate sides. Each team starts out with an equal amount of props, but it's your job to bring some inbalance! The team goal is to get the most valuable props on their side of the arena before the end of the round.

How to gather props
The procedure of getting a prop is quite simple: smash it to bits! After that it'll respawn on your team's side of the arena.

Can't smash what you can't reach
You can't just reach every prop on your own! Most props are on higher plateaus that are not reachable by foot. It's even worse than that: you can't even cross to the enemy's side by yourself! Then how do you do it? Teamwork of course! The whole team is outfitted with a special weapon that allows them to launch teammates to the other side of the arena!

Instruction / gameplay video


  • Crowbar: this will do all the damage. You can use it to kill opponents, or break props.
  • Player cannon: the second essential tool in your arsenal. Primary fire shoots a 'force shot' which gives enemies a hard push on hit, allowing you to shoot them off ledges from a distance (useful for defending your props!). The secondary fire enables you to 'absorb' players when you're near them. After a player is absorbed, you can hold and release primary fire to shoot the player from your weapon. The force at which you'll launch him depends on how long you'll hold the mouse button.

Powerups will occasionally spawns in the center of the map. To get the powerup, you'll have to launch one of your team members to it. The powerup instantly applies to your whole team, and lasts for about 20 seconds!
There are 5 different types of powerups, each with their own unique effect:

  • Eye Laser: makes your entire team shoot lasers out of their eyes. Doesn't do damage, but you can push props off platforms by focussing on them. This will make it easier to get to them!
  • High Jump: allows you to jump higher, making it possible to reach some platforms on your own.
  • Harden: makes you invincible. Crowbars won't hurt you!
  • Invisibility: makes you partially invisible, and leaves a distorted trail behind you, making it hard for opponents to pursue you.
  • Crowbar Frenzy: you'll run faster, and if you hit an enemy, you'll send him flying. Also breaks multiple props in one swing if they're close together!

The arena will contain structures that consist of several layers, challenging your team to fire others to specific spots to reach more valuable props.

Ideal amount of players for this game is between 16 and 24.

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Crash 'n Smash v1.1

Crash 'n Smash v1.1

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This version of the gamemode will be submitted to Garry for the Fretta contest.

Crash 'n Smash v1.0 Release

Crash 'n Smash v1.0 Release

Full Version

The first release of the Crash 'n Smash gamemode! How to install: Extract both the 'gamemodes' and the 'maps' to your garrysmod folder. Start up GMod...

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