This is a total conversion mod for Empire at War / Forces of Corruption. Battle your way through the ages as one of these 10 fully playable factions: Rebels, Empire, Pirate Consortium, Corporate Sector Authority, Republic, CIS, Old Republic, Sith Empire, Galactic Alliance and Yuuzhan Vong GC IS WORKING 100% for all factions. This mod is developed by wizardington.

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it's nice to see droids engaging rebels but it's unfinished and there are too much bugs in. it

good mod fun. but there are many bigs and its never updated. in my point of view it could be a ton better but its still fun to have all the factions


its ok



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Excellent mod! Increases the replay value exponentially! However there are some minor bugs and problems. Mostly just seeing [MISSING] everywhere.

The only major bug I found was during a skirmish. As the clones against the Yuuzhan'Vong (I know suicidal) I activated the core overload (For Captain Pallaeon) to deal extra damage and take a battleship to the grave with me. As the 30 second timer ran up, the game crashed right before the explosion.

Map: Yavin lost
Teams: Me and 2 easy clones vs. Hard Yuuzhan'Vong
Didn't look like I was gonna win anyways


needs to be reworked on again. But otherwise very nice ships and great gameplay.

default factions were not changed at all, same old models and hardpoints while new ships have tons of those
nice thought, poorly executed


Great mod as far as adding units to the original game. The faction list really is impressive. I hope this mod is a work in progress because it has tremendous potential with a ton of content already in place. It definitely needs some refining as some units have minor glitches (skins not complete, don't count against unit cap, after dying "ghost" remains, etc.). Despite these issues, the mod is quite enjoyable. I hope the developer continues to fill in the blanks such as missing skins, unit descriptions, etc. as well as corrects some of the minor issues with the game mechanics. However overall I found this mod to be very enertaining. If you're more interested in a mod that closely follows Star Wars canon and that is more polished, I would recommend the Thrawn's Revenge mod. However, If you're more interested in the overall number of units/factions, I would highly recommend this mod as it outnumbers the units in Thrawns revenge by at least 2:1.


Love It


This is the only mod with an old republic and original sith empire as playable factions

Its ok, but it has quite a few text and icon bugs. With some more developing, it could become the best mod out there

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Very detailed and well organized

Nov 26 2011 by PDA001SINPER