Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game. It's a big project started in 2004. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new generals.

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Contra 008 changelog (part 10) Fixed errors, Changes, Maps, Canceled changes, Translation.

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Fixed bugs:

- The most of crashes and disconnects hppen on "Twilight Flame" map. I removed this map to increase reliability.
- GLA: When you select more than 10 moto terrorists and order them to move, they move to one point. Fixed.
- GLA: Flak gun had too wide tracks. Fixed.
- Toxin general: Crop Duster could land on water and float. Fixed.
- GLA: If you select both units and demo traps together and order them to attack, demo traps explode and damage your forces. Fixed.
- Tank Hunter missiles crashed into ground when shooting down from the hill. Fixed.
- Isotope stability upgrades for nuclear and laser general were separated. You can not capture nuke power plant, research this upgrade and get upgraded Annihilator any more.


- Global: Contra 007 Net Fix has been built in Contra 008.
- Global: USA and China War Factories turn off when low power.
- Global: Tactical advises were edited. All outdated tips from previous versions were removed. New tips added.
- USA: AMOS can not transport infantry any more. This ability was not needed.
- Cyber general: Flying drones were removed from Construction Mech (it was cheap rush unit because of them).
- Cyber general: Teleport ability was removed from Spider Mech.
- SW general: Solar Panels upgrade effects defense structured as well.
- SW general: "Zone Capture" general's power works different way now. It deploys Patriots.
- AF general: Pilot training general's power was splitted into 3 powers: Fighter training, helicopter training and bomber training.
- AF general: Medic was replaced with engineering vehicle based on Stryker. It can disarm mines and clean toxins with radiation.
- AF general: SLID was replaced with target designator based on Stryker.
- AF general: New unit: EMP artillery (based on Stryker too).
- China: Listening Outposts are built in Command Centers now.
- China: Helix has new icon.
- China: Artillery Battery cost was lowered from 4000 to 3500.
- China: Chinese voices are completed by 75%. There is not much work remained.
- Tank general: Gauss addons for Helix and for tanks were completed.
- Tank general: Tank training general's power was splitted into 2 powers: Main battle tank training and Heavy tank training.
- Tank general: Cluster mines general's power was removed.
- Tank general: Emperor delivery general's power has better graphics now: new Bixi transport comes.
- Tank general: New 3D model for Engineerting troop crawler.
- Infantry general: Shandian APC jumps over rivers now.
- Infantry general: Minigunners are weakened in early game now. But new minigun upgrade was added - it returns their firepower. Upgrade is available at rank 1.
- Infantry general: New general's power: Bunker deployment.
- Flame general: Fuel Tubes can be built in groups of 4 now.
- Flame general: Thermite shells were removed from Inferno cannon.
- Flame general: Thermobaric upgrade don't replace Inferno cannon incendiary weapon now. When you research this upgrade, you can switch between incendiary and thermobaric shells.
- Nuke general: Bertha was replaced with new vehicle - Yanwang.
- GLA: Moto terrorists have 10% less speed now.
- GLA: Radar Van armor was weakened.
- GLA: Assault and Toxin general's have got new upgrade: Smoke barrage. It allows Scorpions to release smoke, which deviates enemy missiles.
- GLA: Stinger troopers have 30% longer stealth detection range and 10% more damage.
- GLA: Saboteurs can not enter power plants and war factories any more. They have disabling ability instead. It kills Saboteur and disables everything around (both buildings and vehicles).
- GLA: GLA replics are 50% completed.
- Stealth general: Jarmen Kell Parasite ability works different way now. It is shot from distance, lays on the ground and reveals terrain.
- Assault general: Mob Ambush general's power was removed (I remind you that Rebel Ambush was strengthed. Mob Ambush is not needed any more).
- Assault general: Artillery Barrage general's power was removed.
- Assault general: New general's power: Surround. It surrounds enemies with impassable walls. Available at rank 3.
- Assault general: New general's power: Stealth tunnels. It makes Sneak Attack tunnels and Mobile Rig tunnels stealth. Available at rank 5.
- Assault general: New general's power: Zipper Call. It calls in Zipper interceptors. Available at rank 3.
- Assault general: Hatf-3 missile was strengthed 2 times. It explodes and releases 3 warheads, which fly in different directions and explode too.
- Demo general: Dolphins were turned into pure antitank planes. They don't attack infantry and bring 30% less damage to buildings.
- Demo general: Dolphins can retarget when attacking. You can select a heap of them and order to attack one tank. They will split up and destroy both target and surrounding vehicles.


- New multiplayer map: Cold Trouble (2 players).
- New multiplayer map: Twilight defense (8 players).

Canceled changes:

- Tank general: I lowered Manticore damage before. Returned back.
- Demo general: I gave anti-cannon armor to Cockroach. Returned back.
- Assault general: I gave Sneak Attack ability from the start. It is not available from the start any more. You need to purchase it.


- Contra 007 was translated into Chinese.


Infantry General:New general's power: Bunker deployment.

Question: This bunker will be empty or already filled with infantry?

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ThePredatorBG Creator

It will be empty.

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Then what will be it's advantage?it should be already filled..

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ThePredatorBG Creator

If you deploy Barracks and a Bunker next to it you will get huge advantage. If it's already filled, it will ruin the balance. It was tested.

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