"CDE" is a full 'Module' for Mount & Blade: Warband; Napoleonic Wars will not be required to run the mod. The mod will allow for a single-player campaign experience that is set in the Napoleonic Era and will include 12 of Europe's great powers in the Napoleonic Wars era.

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Conquest De Europa - Mount & Blade: Warband

Conquest De Europa

"CDE" is a full 'Module' for Mount & Blade: Warband; Napoleonic Wars will not be required to run the mod. The mod will allow for a single-player campaign experience that is set in the Napoleonic Era and will include the proud nations:

  • L'Empire Français (Empire of France)
  • The United Kingdom (Great Britain)
  • Kongeriget Danmark-Norge (Kingdom of Denmark-Norway)
  • Kaisertum Österreich (Empire of Austria)
  • Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia)
  • Rossiyskaya Imperiya (Russian Empire)
  • Księstwo Warszawskie (Duchy of Warsaw)
  • Reino de España (Kingdom of Spain)
  • Il Regno d'Italia (Kingdom of Italy)
  • Koninkrijk van Holland (Kingdom of Holland)
  • Reino de Portugal (Kingdom of Portugal)
  • Konungariket Sverige (Kingdom of Sweden)
  • Osmanlı Imparatorluğu (Ottoman Empire)

Many choices are presented in terms of character customization and ways in which to play this mod, these include: the vast range of rifles, muskets, swords, horse types, uniforms, banners and, most importantly, your character's backstory which you can edit in detail at the beginning of the game and continue to build upon throughout as you wage war in the early 19th Century, raiding supply lines, bringing trade through the major regions of conflict as a merchant, serving under your general as a member of the national army or by forming your own regiment and fighting for king and country!

We are currently working towards building a story-line campaign (same sort of idea as in Viking Conquest), this will take a while however but is the first major objective and will likely be released late in the Early Access. The next objective will be to incorporate a co-operative game type to some degree; the extent of this will have to be explored before any definitive detail can be added. Be warned, however, this may not be possible due to the games limitations on somethings and also be aware that this has not been properly done yet.

if you have any further questions feel free to contact Black Banner (or anyone from the dev team for that matter) on Steam: Black-Banner, punjabi_panda, Sir_Wolf

We plan to release the first early-access on New Years Day, so you can look forward to that day!

4th Regiment of Foot Texture <------|------> US Foreign Intervention Texture

Danish Line Infantry Texture <------|------> Norwegian Skitrooper Texture

Progress Report [11/10/2017]

Progress Report [11/10/2017]

News 2 comments

These reports are released every two weeks, check the mod's page for more.

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There will be navy battles?

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Hey man! Do you have a rough idea of how long until this will be released for the public? thanks man! Looks good :)

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punjabi_panda Creator

As mentioned several times in the comments and in the mod description, the first early access "alpha" will be released on New Years Day. Updates will happen every two weeks.

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punjabi_panda Creator

Btw everyone, Just make sure to check out the mod every two weeks for our updates. (:

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sure :)

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Even though the mod uses content from L'Aigle, it does not violate any copyright at all. The only way it would violate copyright is if this mod was uploaded with content from L'Aigle without the permission of the owner or if any work not done by the developers of this mod was not credited. It is perfectly fine to use L'Aigle as a basis as long as content from L'Aigle is not completely ripped and placed in Conquest de Europa, and if there have been significant and transformative changes to the mod itself, enough changes to consider the mod totally and utterly original and therefore, it would fall under Fair Use. I agree that Docm30's work should have been more clearly credited in the mod description instead of just putting screenshots of L'Aigle and stating they were from said mod and just because a mod is seemingly no longer being developed or is "dead," doesn't mean that copyright does not apply. You still must receive explicit permission to use content from another mod to be able to legally use said content in your release unless it is open-source and/or there are significant changes so it falls under Fair Use.

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punjabi_panda Creator

Basic Fair Use :
Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phono records or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. 

First of all, every model, map, flag and troop from L’aigle will NOT be included in our mod. The use of Docm’s map falls under the category of “research” as we are using it primarily for testing ( not as a base for our mod ) . The work is accredited to the L’iagle mod and does not violate fair use law.


It is unknown to us if the L’aigle mod is under the protection of specific copyright restrictions as no licensed policies are shown on their Mod DB Page ( as far as I can tell )

- If L’aigle is not protected then we are not breaking any copyright laws, yet we can not take his work and claim it as our own.

- If L’aigle is protected by copyright, then we are still not violating any copyright laws ; and here are the reasons why.

When fair use is used in the defence of copyright infringement, there are several factors to be assessed to determine wether copyright law is broken or not. Two of the main factors apply to our mod and shall be explained in the next section.

2a) The first main factor of fair use is the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for non-profit educational purposes.

Our mod is completely non profit and neither is L’aigle.

2b) The second main factor is The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.



Also criticism as stated at the start, does not violate any copyright laws of any kind and is not technically an effect the player base of the different mod as long as the criticism is constructive and not straight up insulting.

We apologise for your ignorance Docm.

-The conquest de europa dev team.

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Huzzah! We got a lawyer over here!

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Black-Banner Creator

I totally agree with what you are saying, I probably should've mentioned Docm30's work in the screenshot of the map but I felt that, as it was not being used in the final release, it would not have much of a damaging effect on anyone to have a picture of a similar map posted

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I wonder which mod will be out first, L'Aigle's update, or this one? And which one will be better to play? I prefer mods that are close to the Native experience, like reskins but with new scenes, factions, units, weapons, armour, etc, so it's not full of confusing stuff that I have to learn or get used to. Gekokujo and Warsword Conquest look like the best Warband mods to me due to my preferences. Will this be like that, or will L'Aigle fit that bill better?

Also, it'd be cool if you had the Ottoman Empire featured in this mod as well.

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