The Purpose of this mod is to add the forgotten faction to Command and Conquer, currently, I have only managed to completely add the Forgotten Faction. Besides that, very little balancing has been done, and nothing has been edited aesthetically with the HUDs and the shellmap.

More information on the Mod can be found here:

And now, for a short story about the start of the war:

After working with this unit for five years, of all the battles I’ve ever been in, I remember the first, the best, even after all this time. I was one of the early recruits to the cause, and at the time I was just another member of the Militia - A guy with an old SKS rifle and outdated World war 2 surplus for protection. Still, it felt comforting, as I headed down that street with the rest of my squad, as we split off from the platoon - It was the first time I’d seen so many like me, infected with this green crystal that infests our bodies and slowly kills us.
I’d grown a bit of camaraderie with my unit, and we’d grown into a teenaged band of brothers over basic training. The entire walk through the street, we bragged with false bravado about how easy it would be for our division - we were meant to take out a small Nod infantry patrol that would pass through here, allow the rest of the platoon to just keep moving without getting bogged down and let us hit the Nod base nearby quickly. Simple enough work in theory.
Let me tell you something, though. Anything involving Nod forces… is never simple. And always terrifying. We learned that the hard way.The division we were meant to fight was supposed to be just a basic group of infantry - a few armed with the Raptor AR-70’s, maybe a rocket launcher - that’s it. We weren’t ready for when we turned the corner and a gout of flame took out the front of our division. We weren’t prepared for the buggy that turned the corner from the back of the street, knocking over a trash-bin in it’s haste, and fired a loud, bloody burst of machine-gun fire.
Half of our platoon was knocked out in the Nod opening move, and what was left of us ran, some of us screaming and with a panic we wouldn’t tolerate in the ranks by today, into and through a nearby building, trying to evade Nod patrols. I was actually one of the last in, firing a few useless shots from my rifle at the buggy that probably didn’t even scuff the paint. I’m still not sure how the gunner missed me, I’d forgotten to even get into a proper stance with the adrenaline and the fear mixing in my veins and robbing me of proper thought. still, I managed to exit the building only to find my unit already in a protracted fight with nod infantry on all sides,
The unit trying to maintain some evasion on the thankfully wider street as the Nod infantry poured in from one side. they’d still had yet to lose a soldier, curse the fuckers, and I thought we had headed into our own death. A casualty of faulty tactics and poor intelligence. Heh… well, actually, at the time, I’d just thought to myself at the time that I missed my mom - critical thinking’d basically gone out the window by that point.
That’s probably why I did what I did next, when I noticed the familiar look of the gas tanks on the back of a nod flame trooper, and dove headfirst into their infantry division. I don’t mean that I ran or anything, mind you, I mean that I noticed we were all but ten feet from each-other using bits of cover, grabbed some leverage, used my oh-so-slightly above average tiberium-enhanced strength, and flung myself at the enemy before punching the guy I landed next to in the face to lay him flat-out - Knocked his own damn face-plate into the armor.
The flame trooper couldn’t aim for me - I was in a pool of his buddies, after all, but there were plenty of other people with guns standing only a few feet away. I knew - well, guessed - that there was exactly one way I was getting out of this situation, and that was if I fired first, so I took that moment’s hesitation, Held up my gun with one hand, against every instinct and rule taught about firing a rifle in boot, and fired at the guy’s tank hoping against hope that I wouldn’t miss.
The explosion was fucking beautiful from that close - and a little hot too. My leg’s still looks a bit gross from the burns, but they healed up pretty nice and it’s goin’ away now - it’s the tiberium, y’see. Shit makes sure to treat ya real good before turning ya into green rocks. Anyway, the explosion knocked me on my ass pretty good, but it did the same thing to pretty much every soldier in front of me - the ones that weren’t killed in the explosion anyways, and there were a few. But that wasn’t the difference-maker, here.
I’d killed one of them. No, I’d killed several. It was the first time anyone of us had stopped pissing ourselves long enough to actually get a clean shot. I’d bought us some time, pushed the enemy back, and actually thinned their ranks. That’s what I was told afterwards, anyways, at the time I couldn’t actually see much of the damage an’ my ears were ringing from my little part of the world. But even with my ears working half as good, I could start to hear my squad’s screams start changin’ from ones of pain, or death, change to battle-cries. And I started to hear the nod soldiers screamin’ not too long after, as our bullets finally started makin’ their mark. SKS bullets ain’t piercing Nod body armor, understand, but just as long as they hit the guy in the first place, he’s knocked on his ass long enough for us to take him out a little closer, and you’d be surprised at the amount of places on the body that armor’s too thin to stop a bullet.
It was an almost magical feeling, and to be honest, I was feeling it too, the feeling that we can actually do this - before now, we were just a bunch of hicks with rifles from the ‘40s, and no experience, and even before the battle started we were pretty sure it was a losing cause - a group with no funding, no budget, and a bunch of inexperienced soldiers listening to other even less experienced commanders, and we wanted to challenge the super-powers of the world, the ones that made nations shake in their boots in the first war - these weren’t normal armies we were challenging, they weren’t even government armies. This was some sci-fi shit the rest of the world just got to sit and stare at while it fought for control of the world.

But it was at that moment that it crystallized in people’ minds. GDI and Nod were super-powers, yeah, but they weren’t invincible. And we, as a group, had just watched them die to their own fires. The next parts of the fight are a little blurrier - I had a concussion, I just didn’t know about it till after they examined me, and a lot of what I remember involved mostly the fear we’d attracted every single goddamn light tank in the area, just so they’d get the opportunity to see which one could shoot my head off first, but we managed to secure our objectives, meet up with the main platoon again, and push into the town.
The place we took from Nod, in that vital push, now exists as our main ops-base today, and to be honest it still looks as shitty as the day we took it - but to me, if you wanted to make our center of power a symbol of what we can achieve, there’s not a finer place than Volgograd.
-Captain James Pierce, Forest brothers division

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0 comments by TreeForge on Jan 3rd, 2015

After being tested several times in the field, however, the opinion on the War Dozer quickly changed. While not a speedy vehicle at all, the heavy machine guns armed on the war-dozer cut through even tank armor, given focused fire, and the heavy plating, combined with the fact that the engine and other vital pieces of machinery were hidden deep inside the vehicle, allowed it to shrug off lighter weaponry and take crushing hits from heavier weaponry before finally succumbing enough to enemy fire. The simple design, in conjunction with the fact that most of the money went to armor without regards to speed, allows for a very cost-effective design that can take an enormous beating. It is one of the most durable units out of anything the Forgotten can deploy on the ground at current. Despite the fact that the War Dozer is a cost-effective unit, the heavy design requires on-site upgrades to the salvage yard, which requires a Radio Station to coordinate.

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The Forgotten Chapter 0.31b

The Forgotten Chapter 0.31b

Jan 3, 2015 Patch 0 comments

Fixed most bugs that made it completely unplayable in 0.31, still some issues with structure footprint sizes and superweapons, right now I just want a...

The Forgotten Chapter 0.30

The Forgotten Chapter 0.30

May 12, 2014 Full Version 0 comments

Finally an official version on 20140405, this is a relatively small update but includes the basework for making other things work in the future. tesla...

The Forgotten Chapter 0.29b *experimental*

The Forgotten Chapter 0.29b *experimental*

May 10, 2014 Full Version 0 comments

this version of the mod currently has a couple of features that are being ironed out, (even moreso than usual) Designed for the new OpenRA version 20140405...

The Forgotten Chapter 0.28

The Forgotten Chapter 0.28

Jan 28, 2014 Full Version 0 comments

MG Nest no longer targets air units, added SAM site to forgotten faction, Changed Any team to include forgotten faction, changed forgotten flag back to...

The Forgotten Chapter 0.27

The Forgotten Chapter 0.27

Jan 18, 2014 Full Version 0 comments

Added UH-1 Huey to the forgotten Added Stealth APC to Nod Changed flame tank to RA dynamic Fixed Scout prone sight

The Forgotten Chapter 0.26

The Forgotten Chapter 0.26

Jan 14, 2014 Full Version 0 comments

Hijackers added to forgotten, Mechanics can now capture husks, Nod Artillery ROT is now to 3 (from 2) Now has 120HP (from 75), and Armor type is Heavy...

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TreeForge Creator
TreeForge Dec 11 2014 says:

After not updating for months, you may think the mod is dead, but it's not, I'm just waiting for some very veeery lazy people in my team to send in some resources before I'm going to release another version, in the meantime, I'm updating it to the OpenRA 20141029, so hopefully I'll get that out within a week
(updating to the new version involves ripping my hair out and spending hours on the IRC)

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Guest Jan 29 2015 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Traace Jul 7 2014 says:

This is a great mod! The GDI AI needs some work though. It does not build defences or launch attacks, at least on easy and normal modes.

+1 vote     reply to comment
creativo0 May 21 2014 says:

this mod need more comments, great mod by the way

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