ITS HERE...Version 3.00, with many new enhancements, its nothing like it used to be...This mod has had a complete overhaul with a new re-worked tank system making tank battles last a short bit longer, with all new allied re-skined buildings, And A Tiger tank to truly run from...Your going to need a pershing to take care of it!
With burning wrecks burning all game, and bodys staying on the battle field, your going to need a fast processor....Voted one of the best mods avalible by a few people...And making it into 2 magazines...There must truely be something special about it!

And now reaching an enormous size of 103 MB download compared to the old 89MB there have been alot of changes in this version...
This versions main focus was the axis team, to buff them.....maybe that was a bad idea! If you can win on normal 2 enemys then your doing better than me!

The intensity of this version is un-real, its like being in the battle...First time i had a sherman against a tiger in COH i was like "Mah I can win" now im like "Damned edges of maps i can run far enough!!!!"

I hope you enjoy this version I do...and I feel you will too!

As another side note, I would just like to say this version is fantastic and I have tryed my hardest to remove any bugs!
This has been an Axis Buff Version...But it may included another Axis BUff in my next version...IT is still unclear as to
what the next version will do...I will wait for feedback before deciding!

Flakveirling Cannon Buildable
Drop scatter radius increased
Recharge time increased
Grenade Range Increased
Increased all troop weapon ranges
Sniper Range increased
Delay removed from off-map artillary shoot
Added new ability Economic Boom!
Replaced Allied Supply Drop with Allied Heavy Weapons drop (no more rescources)

Flakveirling Cannon Buildable
V1 Cheaper
V1 recharge faster
V1 has smaller delay time
V1 Does more damage
Nebel's Cheaper
Nebels do more damage AND KILL :)
Firestorm does more damage
Stuka does more damage
Nebel Range increased
Stuka Range Increased
Motor Range increased
Manpower PUSH now cost 100 Munitions
Stuka Upgrade Cheaper
Halftrack Flammer Cheaper
Pioneer Flammer Cheaper
Grenade Range Increased
Increased all troop weapon, ranges
Sniper Range Increased
Fixed Stormtrooper Bug

Tweaked Tank System
Tweaked infantry anti tank weapons against tanks
Territory Entered Ping Added
Team mate under attack, ping added
Resource points MORE Crucial
Run out of rescource's faster (at 1500)
Supply player with Command Points 1 per 5 minutes
Fixed Rescource System
Normal Start = 50 Fuel, 500 Man Power, 50 Munitions
Quick Start = 250 Fuel, 1500 Man Power, 250 Munitions
AI have higher priority for Stratigic Points now
AI Difficulty levels get even higher manpower bonus!
Tweaked the garrison camoflauge - Now works properly
Cover Search Radius doubled again, now 20
>>SHOULD<< See more dead bodys
Snipers Now have a TIMED Camoflauge Ability of 2 mintues
Tank System Tank Gun Ranges Reduced
Advanced AI Mod version 1.2 added in
All Units LOS Increased to be realistic
Removed OLD 2.66 loading screens
Added in global loading screens
Added Jarhead's Flag Mod (1.0 & 1.2)
Added in Burning wrecks mod by Djukle
Tweaked the AI files in Advanced AI mod 1.2 to be harder
Supported ALL Locale Languages!

When I added in Jarheads flag mod, it also added in new building skins which are FANTASTIC!!
*^Just a side note

Company of Heroes is crashing when changing graphical settings that require the game to restart, the game will crash but will still keep the graphic settings.
This issue is due to the 1.7 patch
Any Issues relating to this mod, you can obtain help from

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Combat Revolution v3.00 FULL

Full Version 2 comments

***************** CHANGES: ***************** ALLIES: ***************** Flakveirling Cannon Buildable Drop scatter radius increased Recharge time increased...

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Stop spam the mod list!
WHy dont you just add your new versions at the "Latest PC DOwnloads" window???

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I can't get the mod to start :s

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What CoH version is this mod for?

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can some1 pls give me the product key 4 company of heroes? (pleeaaaase it will just take a second from ur time and ive been lookin 4 ma old 1 and cant find it pleese!!!)

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Go and buy the game. Chirst. If you have a computer that can played CoH well, you have enough money to buy the game.

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Could you lower the cost of infantry, but put limits on what you dont too much of? so like only 2-4 snipers tops, and Riflman and Wehrmacht guys only cost 1 on the chart, tanks are 5 not 12 and limits to how many you can have? Because i hate only getting 3 units and 1 freaking tank. (exaggeration i do make more but not enuff to keep me happy)

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SgtDPilla Creator

I still maintain my thinking that the AI are balanced ive never had an issue with them being easy to kill or being to hard to kill...but if you read the credits in the readme you'd know that i didnt do the AI that was coded by warnstaff....

AI in v3.33 have been tweaked up by me though and are more fun!

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Yes, the AI is to hard in the beginning. But I thought that it would be also balanced that way that it's at least in the same degrees like in the original game, starting with easy and going to expert. But in the mod, it was cut off around normal, changing the other difficulties to hard, expert and impossible. Nothing against huge battles, but if they start to soon and you don't have a glimpse of a chance to build even five squads until they attack with ten of them, than it's not really funny but it only gives me the creeps.
But they seem to be pretty stupid with the usage of tanks. While they get AT-Guns STP (sooner than possible), they seem to only use two or at max three tanks at a time, while an allied CPU simply overruns them with up to ten tanks, beginning with StuGs and ending it with Tigers. So, like I said, the enemy is too hard in the beginning, but then he soon get's kicked ***. Then the game lasts less than a quarter of an hour. If I'm alone, it's up to half an hour, because I want to end it soon because the enemy simply get's on my nerves, attacking all the time with infantry while never using anything worse than AT-Guns or a single tank, so I can eliminate him with a small, more or less fast built group of up to six Panzer IVs, Panthers and Tigers. To defend myself at critical and strategical points like bridges is much less fun than in the original game. I hope, you get the Vierlingsflak fixed because I was really looking forward to the usage of this baby against the enemy. Not that I really know much about modding, but maybe it's a little mistake in the script of the crew or of the gun, because it's unoccupied and can't be used by anyone.

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SgtDPilla Creator

The AI are balanced....ive never had a game end within 15 minutes like you say...And the Axis troops can demorilise just as bad if not worse then the allied can....snipers are insta if the Ai had snipers on your guys...your guys dont stand a chance but to retreat and fight another day....The fix is indeed on my website the link is at the end of this post...I do appriciate you feedback....but unless I recieve further complaints about the AI on my forums or other locations they wont be changing....I have recieved much more feedback about the AI being to hard to beat which those people providing the feedback say they wanted...

This mod's aim is not balance or realism..but fun and yourself said its hard to win its crazy because the AI get an army so fast thats the whole point of this mod...not some wossy battles that the original coh had..but huge big battles that start fast...and dont end until a play is defeated....

I will however release an AI nerf for the people that find this mod to hard to play....but dont expect it anytime will be released around the same time as version 3.33 will maybe another 1 week or 2 weeks....

The fix as you wanted is....

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