This mod is to correct some weakness for the Brittish and the Panzer Elite. Replace some units, with new ones. The plne is to replace the Light AT Halftrack with Panzer III L variant and the Mortar Halftrack with the Panzerwehr. With some artillery the PE can counter the american airdrops and the British Stuart. For the British they get the Matilda II MBT. Removal the Hotchkiss tank from the Panzer Elite, I don't know why they put a French tank to the germans. More new units for the Britiish will come, to balance the gameplay.

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We still looking modellers and texture artists. So if you experienced in that drop a mail to

For the future, we want add more factions:
- Deutche Afrika Korps
Lack of heavy tanks, can build 88 milimeter gun without doctrine, can call in Field Marshall Erwin Rommel from off map (Blitz for the units in the sector).

Elite units, but expensive, can build Tiger Tank, Stormtroopers without doctrine.

- Desert Rats
Matilda, Crusader, Valentine tanks. Can call in Montgomery from off map, providing defensive bonus in the sector.

- The Red Army
Cheap, but mass prduced units. T-34, IS Stalin tank, KV Tank, Elite snipers.

And much more. Factions are in development.

That's why we make this mod

That's why we make this mod

6 years ago News 0 comments

We need your help. If you talented with the following jobs, please make contact to us.

Agile Factions Test Mod

Agile Factions Test Mod

6 years ago Demo 6 comments

This is test mod for the Agile Factions modifications thanks to Grant Heywood. Enjoy!

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tigertamer Jun 14 2011 says:

How to install and run this mod?

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wolfprophet Dec 4 2010 says:

First off, Panzer IIIs went out of Service in '43. So in 44-45 where this game takes place, they aren't there.
Second, the Matilda II was out of service in 1942. Again, not present in 44-45.
Third, the Matilda II is an Infantry Support Tank. Not a Main Battle Tank. It's design was to give infantry a rolling bunker and close range support. It's gun was garbage against EARLY medium tanks and above.
Fourth, Why don't you know why there's a French tank in German service? Oh? You didn't know that Germany pressed EVERYTHING into service? Half the German armour in France wasn't even German manufactured. It came from Czechoslovakia or France.

Read a book or two please. -Sighs.-

*Edit: Panzer III, should respecify. There weren't any in France. Most were committed to the Eastern Front as France was deemed a Refit Zone, so nearly 45% of the German armour there were fresh Panthers, which Germany classified as a Medium tank( due to Gun caliber) while the Allies would have called it a Heavy tank( due to Weight class.)

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claireisshade42 Apr 16 2015 replied:

well technically at the time nothing was a main battle tank due to the fact the idea didn't even really exist back then of having one tank that could do everything but other than that you covered pretty much everything except the fact that im sure quite a few of the tanks like the pz3 was still used up until the end of the war....not that they were effective just that they were better than nothing.....not like the allied armor was that thick anyways

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BunkerW0808 Apr 26 2014 replied:

correct! this comment deserves a few more likes come ON!

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Alekseipz Oct 25 2013 replied:

I think the hotchkiss should replace the mortar half-track, while the Panzer III Ausf. N(short barrel 75mm gun) should take the hotchkiss' place.
And if this mod is still alive, I think the DAK should have the ability to call in one Tiger (which should have certain upgrades done on it), and the Desert rats should have Churchills too.

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Droidekas Aug 19 2011 replied:

Calm down, and you are wrong on the Panzer III's some fought at Arnhem against the British and a few Command verison's fought during the Battle of the Bulge

+1 vote     reply to comment
DragonT4 Dec 18 2010 replied:

its a game. it doesn't have to be correct. thats what mods are for. adding new stuff like a M1A1 or making something as real as possible.

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Chopin_1988 Oct 24 2010 says:

so , is this mod dead ?

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sirdiesalots Sep 24 2010 says:

is mod dead ?? =0

+1 vote     reply to comment
RoyalHants Sep 4 2010 says:


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