CnC Europe is a modification for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour. It will add a new faction : the European Rapid Reaction Force. This mod is between semi-realism and sci-fiction, most of the units are based on real weapons but their specifications will change to meet the gameplay balance requirements. The mod will include : - New Units - New Structures - New Generals - Voices - Music - Single Player Campaign Any suggestions or ideas can be submitted to the dev team by this email:

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A very high quality mod at it's time. Still fun to play after all these years. The voices can get a bit annoying at times, and most of the textures are blurry, but it's still a fun mod nonetheless.


Good, but still not good enough, gave an 8 for Dev's effort.

I would like to point out though:

1.) ERRF AI doesn't really move at all
2.) GLA Rebel Ambush HAX
3.) Reported Chinese Paradrop HAX

put this in the zh section, and im sure the ratings wil be higher

want to say it like Deadpool, but site can block these kind of words. So I will say it "Extremely great, guys"


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A little bit trouble. Maybe while i have install the ZH-Version from the "First Decade" pack?! Patch 1.02 was impossible to install.
But it`s a good looking Mod.

one of the best mods ever
but for zh

This is one of the most sick mods ever. They just put it into the generals section.

has great potential


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