mod for battlefront 2 specialized on Clone Wars but with new models vehicles and planets for both eras

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Feature 4 comments


* Dorin (Geonosis Freight Dock)
* Coruscant Jedi Temple
* Muunilinst Rooftops beta by pinioncorp
* Muunilinst Streets
* Geonosis by a_speck_of_dust
* Umbara by Sereja
* Otoh Gunga by Sereja
* Nelvaan: Village by squipple
* Felucia by MrCrayon
* Felucia by Executor94
* Felucia Jungles of Betrayal
* Teth by ForceMaster
* Utapau Attack 1.5 by...
* Coruscant Apartment by RepSharpShooter
* Mos Eisley by Rends
* Coruscant Streets by Rends
* Coruscant City by Rends
* Naboo Theed Hangar
* Pantora (Toola) by DarthZ13
* Ithor (Adairea Plateau) from modmaster13
* Mandalore Plazza
* Ryloth Nabat by THEWULFMAN
* Ryloth by Impspy and IndianaJoe
* Pantora (Alzoc 3) by GAB
* Eriadu (Amador Forest) by Yodakid
* Rhen Var Citadel
* Rhen Var Harbor
* Geonosis Spire
* Kashyyyk Docks
* Kashyyyk Islands

[hide]* ARC trooper side
* 9th Assault Corps (united with 501st Legion)
* 41st Elite Corps
* 50x Legion (white clones)
* 65th Homeworld Security
* 91st Recon Corps (united with 327th Star Corps Legion)
* 187th Legion (united with 212nd Attack Battalion)
* 212nd Attack Battalion (212nd Geo camo side on Geonosis)
* 327th Star Corps
* 501st Legion[/hide]

Alien species:
* Kaminoan
* Mercenaries
* Mandalorians
* Deathwatch
* Rodians
* Ithorians
* Kel-dorian
* Mon Calamari
* Quarren
* Wookiees
* Karkarodon
* Felucians
* Geonosian
* Kaleesh
* Gungans
* Trandoshans
* Muun
* Neimoidian
* Nelvaniaan
* Umbarans
* Talz
* Pantora
* Twileks
* Weequay

Special Credits:
* Delta-1035
* Labj
* Maveritchell
* [RDH]Zerted
* AceMastermind
* Sereja
* B.I.G_Cookie
* RepSharpShooter
* ForceMaster
* Icemember
* Anakin
* Samee3
* AceWell
* Corra_Ashu

* Luke
* Gogie
* kinetosimpetus
* thelegend
* HapSlash
* Kualan
* DT85
* Sithani
* DarthDUCK
* ]v[
* squipple
* SoM3
* broken_hope
* Pharidica
* Manderek
* NeoMarz
* Satti
* Syth
* modmaster13

Business Credits:
* RevanSoftware
* Daybreak Game Company
* Aspyr
* Krome Studios
* Lucasarts

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HD Clone Pack 1.0

HD Clone Pack 1.0

Models Pack 15 comments

Information: HD Repsharpshooter's clone body as base, i modified it years and years. Hands from 1st person from stock assets Credits: * RepSharpShooter...

Clone Wars Extended Era 3.0

Clone Wars Extended Era 3.0

Full Version 156 comments

* Added 2 new campaigns, Teth and Christophsis (both by ForceMaster) * Fixed crash on bounty hunter mode * Fixed crash on Kalee series map * Added Christophsis...

Clone Wars Extended 2.5 Patch 1.0

Clone Wars Extended 2.5 Patch 1.0

Patch 19 comments

This patch fix crash when play maps with legions: * 5th (Space maps) * 327th legion * 21st legion and other issues

Clone Wars Extended 2.5

Clone Wars Extended 2.5

Full Version 41 comments

* Added new era letter "X" called "Clone Wars Extended" * Added Classic conquest mode (its CW conquest with 50x Legion side) * Added Acurate Clone legion...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 267)

I absolutely love this mod and I think you did a great job, and my buddy and I like to play it over LAN, however any original Star Wars Battlefront 2 maps don't give an option to play Clone Wars Extended whereas the new maps do. Is there a way to fix this?

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why do majority of these ******* maps crash when i click launch like what the ****

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Gente para los que tengan este problema de que tienen el MOD pero cuando quieren jugar los mapas del mismo sólo aparecen en la lista pero no les salen las opciones de partida y las eras pues aquí les traigo la solución


1. Descargan el archivo

2. Ejecútenlo

3. Seleccionan la gua de destino (Donde tienen la carpeta del Battlefront II)

Steam: C:/Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Star Wars Battlefront II\

Sin Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II

(Nunca lo ejecuten en la carpeta "Gamedata" o "addon" por que así no les funcionara)

4. Le dan a instalar y listo ya pueden jugar los mapas deseados y pueden disfrutar de unas opciones extra que trae el parche

People for those who have this problem that have the MOD but when they want to play the maps of the same only appear in the list but they do not leave the options of departure and eras because here I bring the solution



1. Download the file

2. Execute it

3. Select the target directory (where they have the Battlefront II folder)

Steam: C: / Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Star Wars Battlefront II \

No Steam: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ LucasArts \ Star Wars Battlefront II

(Never run it in the "Gamedata" or "addon" folder so it will not work)

4. You are given to install and ready you can play the desired maps and you can enjoy some extra options that brings the patch

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DEVISS Creator

thank youuuuuuuu

Reply Good karma+2 votes

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I cant find Utapau Orbital Attack map :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Might be a noobish question but when I try to launch a modded map in instant action, I can't. I've tried everything, including seeing if there was a way to unlock the maps via a campaign, but no. Someone can give me some help ?

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Yes you need to install patch for the game to work (not the clone wars extended one but other) im gona try to get you links

Edit : here it is

Some maps will still crash and its normal cause its a mod and its not finished yet.Try on youtube to have additional informations.

(Sorry for English im French)

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I really like this mod, the new classes are amazing, especially with sergeant with the Rotary Cannon, and the new maps are great. However, the mod is completely unbalanced in the Droids favor. I kill close to 200 droids each match, but still lose by a large margin. For every droid kill a clone gets, a Super Battle Droid gets 5-15 with a single wrist rocket, it takes tons of pounding to take down a droideka shield, and all the jedi heroes get slaughtered after 2-4 hits. If you can fix this, it would be an amazing mod, but as of right now it's too frustrating.

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