This mod was created with the propose of Faction war zone wich every faction want to conquer camps with the option to player join\leave a faction, an improved AI, bring Clear Sky faction from S.t.a.l.k.e.r.: Clear Sky and another features.

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CTDs, empty logs, Stealth-Camo Enemies (Oh my!) (Mods : Clear Sky Faction Mod : Forum : Bugs : CTDs, empty logs, Stealth-Camo Enemies (Oh my!)) Locked
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May 8 2013, 6:12am Anchor

First off, I am having a real blast with CSFM. I have run into a couple of problems/bugs that will hopefully get fixed in the next patch:

1. "Random" CTDs. Some occuring when attempting to load a quicksave, some when entering a new zone, some when getting blowouts.

I am pretty sure the majority of these CTDs are the result of me having too many sidequests activated? I believe I have around 7 activated so far.

2. Empty Logs.

After every CTD I try to go to my Stalker SoC -> appdata -> logs and all I have is one empty xray_(username) text document. I do however, get one of those problem event widows and it shows this:

Problem Event Name:
Application Name: XR_3DA.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 47c58651 Fault Module Name: StackHash_e98d Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000 Exception Offset: c58f7815 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Data: 00000008 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: e98d Additional Information 2: e98dfca8bcf81bc1740adb135579ad53 Additional Information 3: 6eab Additional Information 4: 6eabdd9e0dc94904be3b39a1c0583635

3. Enemies spawning inside Duty base near Arena (Mercs/Bandits. only around one or two at a time). Unless they are wearing some super cool Stealth-Camo suits (I swear this one Merc just appeared in front of me as I was going to talk to the Arena guy), shouldn't they be spawning outside of duty and fighting there way in? I am using Russian Version of Stalker Soc (Steam), ver. 1.0006. I have Total Faction Wars addon applied.

May 8 2013, 8:49am Anchor

1. Random CTD's with quicksaves ia known issue around here. One possible cause is what you pointed, too many sidequests. (Try to reduce the ammount of side quests)

2. Known Issue too but those problem event windows are usefull to me.

3. That's not a bug. It's a NPC that switched from "Offline" mode to "Online" mode. One of the features of this mod is that it allows NPC's to switch camps\lairs and that increases the changes of kind of things happens (NPC's "spawns" from nohere)

May 8 2013, 9:44am Anchor

1. I read somewhere that you recommend keeping sidequests down to 3 at the moment? I'll try that.

2. Should I post these PEWs after every CTD or only when a CTD happens after a specific event?

3. OOOOh. Ok. I thought it would be more like that video you posted on youtube where there was that big freedom raid on duty every time. Is there a way to increase the spawns of NPCs? So far I mostly get small skirmishes (like around 2 or 3 npcs fighting each other) and I also noticed that duty is almost always outnumbering any other faction... kinda makes me want to go freedom just to even the odds :devil: Is there such an option to raise the spawning of npcs on the map?

4. Small typo on death screen. It says "the zone as claimed another life" or something like that... Is there an easy way for me to add the letter h before "as"?

5. This might be a vanilla bug/glitch more than yours but sometimes when I finish a quest (like lets say rescue Nimble) the green icon over Nimble's head won't go away on both the mini map or the main map. When I scroll over it it says "Nimble, prisoner". When I turn in the quest to Wolf the quest won't show that it is completed but I still get the reward (The green icon over Nimble's head still remains). Does the Zone Reclamation Project fix this bug? Is it compatible with CSFM?

May 8 2013, 12:01pm Anchor

2. If you get a CTD, you should post the xray_(user name).txt when you get a CTD (That part of FATAL ERROR ... check the sticky thread on this forum for futher details)

3. There is a way to increase NPC's (re)spawns but you have to edit all.spawn. I don't advice to do that unless you have any modding experience.

4. That small typo is fixed in the WIP Patch#1 for this 2.4.2

5. That glitch is kinda random. I think that ZRP does fix that. In fact, CSFM is using parts of ZRP fixes.
Regarding of ZRP compatiblity with CSFM. It is not compatible if you copy and paste ZRP gamedata. You have to merge both mods in order to use ZRP with CSFM.

May 9 2013, 2:20am Anchor

Hey xRatx! Just got another CTD after I traded with a loner and gave him an ak47. This time, however, I got a crash log! :)

FATAL ERROR [error]Expression : fatal error[error]Function : CScriptEngine::lua_error[error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xr_3da\xrGame\script_engine.cpp[error]Line : 73[error]Description : [error]Arguments : LUA error: ...ow of chernobyl ru\gamedata\scripts\state_mgr.script:194: C stack overflow stack trace:

Cuts off from there. Hope it helps?

Also, if I increase the NPC (re)spawns through and stuff, I will have to redo it all over again after you release the next patch right? I just really want there to be more warzones and chaos all 'round :rambo: Was in my first major fight where a dozen or so pseudodogs attacked some duty guys in the Garbage near the entrance to Dark Valley and then a BLOODSUCKER entered the fray! Things got even more chaotic when the militia spawned and started lobbing grenades left and right. So awesome. :thumbup:

It says on your Patch Status that you've implemented some ZRP fixes in the next patch... I'll just live with that map bug and wait till you release it.

May 9 2013, 3:05am Anchor

The usual problem of c stacks overflows, another known issue :D

If you do edit all.spawn, you have to edit all again from patch#1

Edited by: xRatx

May 9 2013, 9:22pm Anchor

Hey xRatx! Been playing a bit more (have lots of time to play since finals are done) and I've found another CTD that came with a crash log:

Description:Occured after entering CORDON and talked with a Loner.FATAL ERROR [error]Expression : e_entity->ID_Parent == id_parent[error]Function : xrServer::Process_event_reject[error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xr_3da\xrGame\xrServer_process_event_reject.cpp[error]Line : 23[error]Description : wpn_lr30028669[error]Arguments : wpn_lr30028669 stack trace:

Also, there is a rather major blindspot in the pathing of npcs at Garbage, just south of the bus stop west of the big building where you go during a blowout. There is one of those twister/whirling anomalies near the road and, for whatever reason, ANY npc - be it human or mutant - WILL go into the anomaly and get blown apart. It's kinda funny because I saw a group of about 4 military guys walking on the road, turn to the twister anomaly, crouch, walk in single file and explode. I guess everyone thinks that anomaly is a secret way to the Wishgranter? :O Oh, and are nighttime blowouts supposed to turn daylight for the duration?

Finally, Duty is starting to look empty with those "offline" to "online" "specop" bandits and mercs spawning inside duty base... will the loners and duty npcs be respawned/replaced after a certain time?

May 10 2013, 3:00am Anchor

Reload could fix the CTD.

Nighttime blowouts are supossed to be "day" when the sky turns redish and have a stormish like.

Every npc of every rank is is supposed to respawn after a certain time, so yes. They are replaced after x time.

May 10 2013, 3:20am Anchor

Ok awesome.

There also seems to be a little quirk with the m14 sniper rifle (in-game name is US marine M14 dmr or something I believe). Description says it is semi automatic, yet you can actually go full auto even while scoped. It's fire rate is incredibly fast on full auto... Is that WAI? It's cheaper than the M21, yet seems to be overall better...

Do you mind if I just compile a whole list of bugs/quirks with weapons and stuff, then send it to you? I don't want to keep bothering you every time I find a small quirk.

I would also like to make some suggestions in both weapons and gameplay... can i post it in the ideas section?

May 10 2013, 7:43am Anchor

No problem in sending that list .
Feel free to post stuff in the ideas section.

May 13 2013, 9:35am Anchor

Man, just tried to start my game and found out that all my saves are corrupted :dead: Bleh. Gonna have to start a new game now.

Anyway, here are a couple more CTD's logs that look a bit different form the others I've posted.

  • Description:
  • Occured after entering CORDON and talker with a Loner.
  • [error]Expression : e_entity->ID_Parent == id_parent
  • [error]Function : xrServer::Process_event_reject
  • [error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xr_3da\xrGame\xrServer_process_event_reject.cpp
  • [error]Line : 23
  • [error]Description : wpn_lr30028669
  • [error]Arguments : wpn_lr30028669
  • stack trace:
  • Description:
  • Occured during loading Wild Territory

  • [error]Expression : fatal error
  • [error]Function : CInifile::r_section
  • [error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp
  • [error]Line : 342
  • [error]Description :
  • [error]Arguments : Can't open section 'acÿ'
  • stack trace:
  • Description:
  • When loading a quicksave.
  • [error]Expression : fatal error
  • [error]Function : CInifile::r_section
  • [error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp
  • [error]Line : 342
  • [error]Description :
  • [error]Arguments : Can't open section '
  • ×£¹BñƒA'
  • stack trace:
May 13 2013, 4:08pm Anchor

About the first one, I have no clue about it. The weapon is asigning him-self as a id_parent instead of a npc XD
Last two "can't open section (weird id's here)" is a sign of corrupted saves.

May 13 2013, 7:09pm Anchor

The last two may be a result of me using the russian version? The id's look like another language so I'm just shooting wild here.

Also, I THINK I found out the reason why so many npcs were intentionally going into that twister/whirlwig anomaly I posted a little while back. It seems that the weapons do not fly off/get destroyed when the body does so what happens is when one npc gets caught and his weapon drops, the other npcs will try to pick up the fallen weapon that is in the whirlwig anomaly and in turn blow themselves up (and the cycle continues) . Perhaps changing it so that the anomaly will totally destroy the weapon (totally destroy it. Not just have it in red condition) like it does with the body will fix this?

Regarding saves: how many saves should I have? Right now I have two saves not including quicksave, autosave, and all. Autosave and all are always corrupted...

I wish I was there for your Q&A. I have lots of questions :nervous:

Also, I'm reading the GSC comments and it seems like the zone is supposed to be a total WARZONE but... I seem to be only getting really small skirmishes... Did you change the npc spawns or something? I want the place to be a WARZONE :devil: Maybe make a new difficulty called Warzone where all the spawns are increased so that action is everywhere? I'm honestly not getting the action that those in 2010 had. I also haven't seen any "new" monsters in the wild.

Oh, and another thing: it seems like you can't talk/trade to some npcs. This really sucks because when you join the military at the beginning, you can't talk to those guarding the bridge to trade with after they let you pass. Can you change it so that you can talk/trade with any npc that is neutral or better standing with you?

Edited by: victus-null

May 14 2013, 3:49pm Anchor

The last two is not due you are using the russian version. I got those with WW version of the game. Good question about the "how many saves" you should have.

That "Total Warzone" can depend from player to player. Every gameplay can be unique.

NPC can't talk nor trade : that's becouse npc logic of certain gulag "turn off" the talk option or the npc doesn't have a properly dialog linked to him.

May 17 2013, 3:50am Anchor

This is the second time where all saves are corrupted. I'm so sad. :cry:

Got another CTD that looks similar to the last two... except it has no id!

  • [error]Expression : fatal error
  • [error]Function : CInifile::r_section
  • [error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp
  • [error]Line : 342
  • [error]Description :
  • [error]Arguments : Can't open section ''
  • stack trace:


Hope this helps put the pieces of the puzzle together? By the way I just confirmed that npcs will try to search bodies of mutants/npcs or take weapons inside anomalies. This problem can happen ANYWHERE where there is a large population of npcs (the train tunnel anomaly west of Garbage is one such hotspot)

Gotta start all over again. Bleeeh :( Ah well... Maybe I'll join the Military and drag xRatx into a whirlwig anomaly and watch him 'splode with my militia! :evil:

Edited by: victus-null

May 18 2013, 6:36pm Anchor

Corrupted saves are known issue in the mod.

NPC's searchin' bodies in anomalies, i'll try to fix that .

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