The Classic Doom 3 modification is a remake of the original Doom game, by id Software. The main emphasis is that of bringing the older game up to date in a modern graphics engine. The project makes use of all of Doom 3's advanced graphical features while retaining the feel and gameplay of the original game. The project will only cover the shareware levels due to many reasons that include the following : - We are bored of converting over peoples stuff and want to create something of our own. - The mod started off as a fun way to learn how to mod for Doom 3, and we all feel we have learnt what we need to make our own project. - A more minor reason is the legalities of remaking anything past the freely available shareware episode. Our latest build is version 1.3.1 which is the final version that we plan to release. This version is numbered 1.3.1 to reflect the fact that it has been tested to work with Doom 3 patch release 1.3.1, and thus works both with Doom 3 on steam and windows vista..

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This is FREAKING AMAZING all the maps look familiar yet updated and new, and it has remakes of the original music heard in the first DOOM. There is even an opening cinematic that explains how the main character gets there in the first place. Awesome. Just freaking AWESOME.

Fantastic Doom 3 mod, if there's any Doom 3 mod out there that will bring back the nostalgia of the old Doom game, this is the one to download.

An terrific example of what a mod can become.

Classic Doom 3 brings back the old joyous memories of Doom 1 Episode 1. Whats not to love of replaying old maps with upgraded graphics and music.

This is what I wanted Doom 3 to be.


Well, this mod is like the original Doom episode 1, Knee deep in the dead, and it's all the fun and thrill the old game was.
It's not the best looking mod for D3 but if you think about original D it still is a huge step foward. The mod itself simply offers the same first episode as the game did, with old weapons, levels, enemies and secrets. The difficulty also is harsh, and this is mod even offers adrnalin rushes of sick oldschool shooting awesomeness on medium difficulty, on hard it's really a nightmare. Only backdraw is that there is only the first episode what means only pistol, shotgun, chaingun, rocketlauncher and a chainsaw, and no plasmarifle or a bfg.
Also the chainsaw is a bit pointless, as it's complettly suicidal to run into any enemy with it.

Over all this one of the best D3 mods I've played so far, as it truely brings back DOOM in all it's classic glory. If you haven't played original DOOM then be sure to play this instead.

Episode 1 of the first Doom with Doom 3 graphics/textures? Hell yeah! This is very well made, I'm sure id would agree!

Great mod back, but it is dead now. :(

An excellent recreation of First Classic Doom episode in DOOM 3 Engine, with well detailed environment and close enemies,weapons, and gameplay feel to the Original Doom, very nice .

God! i love this mod! :D

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