The Classic Doom 3 modification is a remake of the original Doom game, by id Software. The main emphasis is that of bringing the older game up to date in a modern graphics engine. The project makes use of all of Doom 3's advanced graphical features while retaining the feel and gameplay of the original game. The project will only cover the shareware levels due to many reasons that include the following : - We are bored of converting over peoples stuff and want to create something of our own. - The mod started off as a fun way to learn how to mod for Doom 3, and we all feel we have learnt what we need to make our own project. - A more minor reason is the legalities of remaking anything past the freely available shareware episode. Our latest build is version 1.3.1 which is the final version that we plan to release. This version is numbered 1.3.1 to reflect the fact that it has been tested to work with Doom 3 patch release 1.3.1, and thus works both with Doom 3 on steam and windows vista..

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THIS is the ultimate Doom 3 mod. The creators weren't just able to "port" the game into a new engine and graphics, but they were able to keep the feeling of the original Doom. The game feels modern yet very classic. I can't tell if the maps are 1 to 1 with the original game but you instantly get the impression as soon as you start playing. It makes you realize why the game was and still is one of the best of its genre. The developers did one hell of a job on this for sure !!! Too bad it ends with the very first episode: Knee deep in the dead. By the way there are cut scenes, intro and outro so they're not bothering you throughout the game. The cut scenes are made with a sense of humor, especially the outro. Download and play that thing !!! Ranks among my 5 favourite mods of all time.

looks epic

Fantastic! I thought I knew Doom back to front until I installed this mod.

This mod is literally the only reason I had for buying DOOM 3.

Thanks for making the Doom universe even better.


What Doom III should have been.

This mod brings the original Doom to ID Tech 4. The visuals are not only impressive to look at while you're gunning down Cacodemons or chainsawing a group of demons, it gives you the impression of "Hey! THIS IS DOOM. DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. NOW SAVE THE EARTH, YOU PANSY". Yes, the re-design is quirky but the lighting is where the treat really is.

The gameplay experience has a tough time replicating the difficulty of the Doom series but you can fix that by choosing a higher setting. Other than that, it is what it is. A conversion and it satisfied me even if the mod was really short.

In conclusion, while this mod replicates the Shareware version of Doom, you cannot pass up this gem of interest.


CyberDuke says

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Classic Doom 3 was amazing

It's nice to be back on Phobos and play through the same levels as Doom: Knee-Deep in the Dead.

What I like about Classic Doom 3 is that some of the areas have been altered. Like when one or two elevators are now a latter, and that some of the boring looking areas from the classic are now enhanced with some style. And I also like the fact we can run without loosing our breath, and no reloading.

I do however have three disappointments

1. Lack of other items. No Computer map, but a backpack. And no Partial Invisibility, but at least there's a berserk. Above all no environment suits, and yet there's so many acid to walk on and it hurts.

2. No toggle map. I know Doom 3 wasn't made that way, but it would be nice to have a toggle map. Especially with Central Processing in that lava-like maze.

3. No progress with Episodes 2 & 3. I understand that Flaming Sheep Software is not interested in making those episodes. Still it would be nice to have a complete Classic Doom 3, just like Black Mesa. If there are any Deimos or hell related levels, I'm ready for them.

Still this mod is awesome, and I support total conversions.

Classic Doom 3 is one of my favorite mods now. 10/10

Happy Doomsday

One of my if not my favorite doom 3 mod.



This is definitely worth the download. In fact, even if you don't like Doom 3, you should buy it just for this. I couldn't get past the first map in Doom 3, but I beat all 9 levels with almost 100% completion in one sitting of this. This mod is an almost perfect example of how to make a good game on a new engine.

The demons are much easier to kill than in Doom 3, which puts the player back in power. In this mod, it doesn't take five shots with the shotgun to take down an imp or zombie. One major flaw of this game is that the armed zombie enemies (shotgun guys and pistol zombies) are much too accurate and quick to react. Also, the imps and demons' intro animations are too long, I usually have them dead before they are done showing off!

There are other problems, the player is too slow, there is no automap, there are no rad suits, Lite amp goggles (lite amp goggles and rad suits are needed much more in this game than in the original), or blur spheres, it's hard to walk across even small patches of ooze without getting hurt, the spectres are too hard to see, the textures are repetitive at times (I got lost because the textures looked the same in certain areas), some parts of the levels are too dark, and the models are gray and blob-like, but these problems are inherited from Doom 3, and I assume that it was too much work to fix them. I only mention these things as observations and suggestions for future modders.

EDIT - I noticed that somebody else said that the chainsaw is useless, I agree, mostly because it seems very hard to aim and control, because it lacks a feature the original chainsaw had: the original chainsaw jerked you toward your enemy, so it was hard to lose your grip on him.

After playing this game, I am much more likely to make a Doom 3 mod of my own, since I now know that this engine is capable of much more than the included levels. Thank you for making this.

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