Revamped graphics, models, textures and downright historical scenarios of WW2, bringing in the most pragmatic atmosphere seen in Men of War series.

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I was very impressed with the combat, models, and the environment. The ability to see the bullets hitting the ground as your soldiers moved up made me feel very immersed. 10/10


One of Best Mods aviable here for MOW:AS.High Quality models and sound.
Awaiting 1.1. You are doing great job.

nais mod ))))


Sonne2 says

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its better to have mods that have committed developers than mods that have tbd as a status with no updates at all lol.

I played the mission where you had to hold the line as the russians, before the fight I ordered my units to accross the bridge out of curiosity, then bam the officer and his henchmen killed all of my men lol.

The no step back rule and the probability of surrender, it adds lots of realism to this mod which shows the commitment. Also the new animations and functions such as foxhole digging.

And yes I had access to 1.2. Caus I'm ninja like that. Whats good brah


Looks very nice man.
Great work.

bueno, pero problema en algunos cascos de soldados

This mod is so amazing! It adds so many models and units that I have been wanting for ages!

Great mod, lots of effort and time put into such a work. The textures and environment, along with the sounds and game play seem to almost fully immerse you into the game. Similar to the immersion of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Worth the download. 10/10.

Had too many crashes and bugs. This is seriously annoying.


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