This mod is provided as a standalone version. You don't need Tiberian Sun to play this. GDI, Nod, the Forgotten or CABAL. Who will triumph the endless war? This mod plays after the storyline of Firestorm. Command new units, conquer harder enemies. Will you save Earth or will you destroy it? It's your choice...

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The last days I didn't have any time to work on the mod. The progress is really slow. But mostly because I am now a store manager (with 18 years wtf) , instead of a normal staff.

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Hi everyone!

I just want to give you a short update.

The last days I didn't have any time to work on the mod. The progress is really slow. But mostly because I am now a store manager (with 18 years wtf) , instead of a normal staff. I am also going to study "Media technology and design" at a University for Applied Science, at the end of the year.

I have to work really hard and will need some time to get everything rollin again ;)

Just don't worry I am going to work on this mod's next big version with full capacity the next following weeks.

The smaller 1.9.32 update will be released the next days.

Changelog Crystallized Doom 1.9.32



New Features:

-New menu style
-New graphic for Mutant Soldier
-New graphic for Elite Cadre
-New voice for Avatar
-New voice for Daishin
-New unit Mantis (Cabal)
-Reworked threat rating (improved Harvester AI, units choose better targets now and more)
-Added debris for Inferior





-Added 0 new AI Task Forces for GDI AI (Total amount of 116)
-Added 6 new AI Task Forces for Nod AI (Total amount of 131)
-Added 3 new AI Task Forces for Cabal AI (Total amount of 83)
-Added 0 new AI Task Forces for Forgotten AI (Total amount of 95)
-Easy AI now has 20x starting money (was 12x)
-Normal AI now has 40x starting money (was 14x)
-Brutal AI now has 60x starting money (was 16x)




-Banshee Bomber now doesn't have anymore target searching bombs
-Elite Cadre now has light armor (was none)




-Mutant Sniper renamed to Dark Angel
-Mutant Specop renamed to Ghost Fighter
-Mutant Warlord renamed to Warlord
-Mutant Soldier renamed to Soldier
-Mutant Warrior renamed to Warrior

As you can see there isn't much done yet (exept the Threat Rating Logic, which was a lot of work). I am going to add a few new voices for some units, add specific debris to units which doesn't have any and do some small balance changes.

Thanks for your support and understanding!


Modding is a slow process man. I've done some minor modding work in the past too, nothing major, not much coding just a few basic unit additions, and even that took me ages.
Because of how much time and concentration modding takes, it's easy to get bogged down by other things that are also important. That's fine. Take your time. Rome wasn't built in a day.

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Astor Author

Thanks, nice quote with Rome btw :)

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Keep up the good work man really enjoying it I mean modding takes a long time but keep at it man loving this mod dude :)

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