Command & Conquer: Tiberian Odyssey - A total conversion for C&C Tiberian Sun developed by the Tiberian Odyssey team. Tiberian Odyssey takes place 11 years after Tiberian Sun: Firestorm in the year 2041 and portrays own unique vision of a greatly expanded Tiberian Universe. Experience a brand new story told through an innovative and interactive campaign where your decisions as a commander will have a direct effect on the path you take and outcome of the war. Enjoy many new features such as; highly improved graphics, new and revamped sound effects, a completely new and unique musical score and an entirely new set of multiplayer maps to play on including different game styles and game modes. Tiberian Odyssey will be a 100% standalone game and will require no additional CnC games or discs to run. The Tiberian Odyssey project has been in development for over 5 years and does not follow any of the events seen in C&C 3 and is in no way related to it.

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This is the backstory for the Brotherhood of Nod in Tiberian Odyssey.

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Firestorm Aftermath

The Firestorm campaigns left Nod exhausted and fragmented as the smaller outposts were hit by CABAL who had relatively accurate Intel on Nod activities. He knew where all of Nod's bases were, what their function was and how to best attack them. CABAL tapped into Nod's communication network before his main core was destroyed and released a devastating virus that later disrupted any of Nod's Tacitus-related devices, causing what was left of the brotherhood's technology of peace to malfunction. Banshees literally fell from the skies and stealth tanks or generators would either instantly uncloak and shutdown or have their generators overload, it was a disaster beyond anything the brotherhood could have ever imagined. The damage could sometimes be undone by retrieving old data matrices, but the blows dealt by the AI were devastating to even the integrity of the splintered factions themselves, and they were largely forced to improvise and downgrade. The stalemate between GDI and Nod was quickly broken by GDI a few months after the crippling of Cabal. The Black Hand was destroyed and Nod was cast down for the third time in history.

Despite Nod no longer being unified and spiralling down into chaos, a few of the larger splinter cells have stood their ground in southern Europe and central Africa, where they absorbed some of the local militia in their efforts to stay alive. However, GDI is too occupied with tiberium to worry about Nod now that they're no longer an immediate threat, but they are aware of Nod's ability to remain in hibernation for several decades and then suddenly resurface with renewed strength, so GDI military activity is at peak level and they keep a close eye on any suspicious activity.


No Slavik? That's too bad! A great backstory though!

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feillyne StaffSubscriber

Hmmm, Slavik isn't mentioned... maybe he could be cloned or somehow preserved? :->

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It's likely slavik and the remainder of black hand survivors have gone underground, awaiting the resurrection of kane. Possibly the Black Hand will make a appearance later on in the campaign. Either as friends (For staying true to the nod cause) or as enemies.

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feillyne StaffSubscriber

A nice intro! Maybe more background stories would be needed - especially what these larger spliter cells did next. :-)

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Orac| Creator

You'll have to play the campaign, the splinter cells will be explored more thoroughly there.

I have already created a couple of Nod basic tanks to give a little bit of variety between the splinters, and make which splinters you ally yourself with a little more interesting.

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