An expansion modification for C&C Generals: Zero Hour. Got totally bored with original C&C Generals: Zero Hour? You find your answer in this modification which improves the atmosphere of C&C Generals: Zero Hour gameplay overall, including both redesigned surroundings and in-game structural layout! In addition, you command new generals to defeat even more brutal and improved enemy forces controlled by computer.

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This Mod is Extremely good.
a lot of change, many new, interesting, and exiting units and buildings.

though it crashes way too often.

preatty good mod i like it and im going to keep it for a bit until i final get the other ppl to finish the halo mods and stuff like that. but for now i recomend this mod to someone who got board with the normal game.

[C&C: Generals Zero Hour][Mod][10/10]


Many bugs.

So sad that it didn't continue




This one is pretty good, needs some slight polishing but i say it will be a competitor to the top mods ,

this is a great mod


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Looks nice! I hope for finish this mod! Generals 4ever! ;)

This mod looks awesome!

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