What if everything that went wrong on "A Red Letter Day" was not caused by what you thought? What if your teleport ripped a hole in space and time? Now you must travel through time to correct the events and set right your past. Causality Effect A Red Letter Day Gone Wrong

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rcminor says

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As a couple others have noted, some bits seemed pointless, such as the gunship you can't shoot down. And unless I had read the other comments I wouldn't have had any idea that Breen & Alyx were on the roof in the last scene, let alone that I should try to kill them -- her anyway. I'm not sure if there was a glitch or if I just didn't find the exact trigger spot, but I had a hell of a time getting out of the first underground office, where you use the gravity gun to blast through the wall -- that was a clever bit! But that dam door would NOT open for the longest time, and I wasted hours trying to get up the ladder, blow up another pipe, retrace my steps to another door, etc. maybe it's just me. Someone else complained about the antlion guard -- I thought he was pretty easy. Rolled a grenade out on the walkway where it blew up the two barrels (of course duck back inside) and then 3 or 4 crossbow bolts put him down. I also did it just with the crossbow, but that took up nearly all the bolts, and left me with just 2 I think to take out the goons who rappel in for the next scene around the left corner.

All in all, a very nice mod though, and interesting concept even if it's a little uncertain what's going on. Is it a parallel universe? An alternate timeline? I got to a 2nd ending where Kleiner lives, but how can that be when we see him shot right at the beginning? Alyx's last "He doesn't have a clue, does he?" really kind of summed it up; it was almost like dropping in 3/4 of the way through the second episode of a 2-part Dr. Who story.

Very good idea though, as I say, and hope to see more. I would REALLY like to see a mod that isn't so linear, like all of HL is. Definite cusp moments leading to completely different maps and such, and a few distinctly different endings -- maybe 2 ways to "win", 1 to lose, 1 to draw? Good luck and I look forward to your next.


Skizzo says

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Gameplay unbalanced, "invincible" enemies, meaningless (multiple) ending.

Fun action and different endings mean plenty of replay-value (Or at the least, playing from a previous save) on top of great level-design and scripted sequences that tell a good story make this mod a must play, so come on up and give Causality effect a whirl. :)


Fantasic mod, the alternate endings are great, and the boss battles are very fun and challenging, one of the best bits is that there is lots of replay quality, Download this!

Excellent mod, I'm biased perhaps. If storylines make a game then this one has an excellent premise. To cap it all, it has multiple endings based on your gameplay choices, which is a tricky thing to setup.

All I can say is, try it.


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