You awaken in a strange mansion.. how do you got there, and who is writing the strange letters you are finding?

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- Some nice ideas
- Pretty good design (not as good as promised though)
- A few scary moments


- Cliche story line
- No jumpscares? So what was the flying naked guy doing in the closet?
- Low challange
- The "not jumpscare" in the closet made the whole room glitch to hell


It's an okay story, but not as good as the author promised.
Some of the ideas are very nice and some parts scared me, but in whole, the story can be improved.

6/10 - Decent


I actually finished this custom story back on 2013 December 6, but got to replay it today.

+0 good lighting in the beginning. Had a strange haze effect. Some parts of the maps were too bright but otherwise fine.
+0 film grain effect was interesting in storage, but wasn't effective in such a small area.
-1 no message on Archives door when opening it without key, I thought that the game was broken.
-1 Kaernk got stuck behind door after it shut breaking chase sequence
-1 first brute didn't path to chase me and second brute wasn't clear on how to avoid dying?
-1 many map tear under staircase to archives and on the corners before finishing the game
-1 plot lacked substance


Very short and no real story.

But overall much monsters :3

Good CS! It would of been better though with a story. :) That's all I have to say! And there wasn't very many moments where it felt necessary to go into rooms. Other than that, story worth a 7/10. :)

Music: 9/10
Just simply because I think you used Penumbra music in this throughout the beginning of the story, which is a major plus to me! I could be wrong though. You actually used music and sounds unlike other stories where there is no music or sounds at all. You used variety, ranging from different games (I think..) to not using the same soundtrack through the whole story.

Story: 5/10
The story was like most stories. You're tapped in a house and you need to escape. Only to captured yet again.

Lighting: 8.6/10
Excellent lighting, however, it was very light in some places. To be more specific, near the end when you get captured.

Scares: 7.8/10
The scares were OK. The "jumpscare" was rather funny. I wasn't paying attention when the naked guy flew from the closet, and when I turned around, it was glitched in a wall. That was pretty funny. I like the monsters and it just wasn't all Grunts. Bonus points!

Puzzles: 5.9/10
Not too much for puzzles, just a bunch of key puzzles with pulling some levers and avoiding monsters. That's the gist/jist of it.

Atmosphere: 7/10
It was nice. Although, I'd add some particles for extra effect. Like I said previously, the lighting was great and it helped the atmosphere nicely.

Overall: 8.9/10
I really liked what you did with this story. It also wasn't one of those stories that just seemed to drag on unlike other stories where its naked guy after naked guy, monster after monster, and well, you get the idea.
I liked the music, puzzles were easy, scares and atmosphere were nice and the lighting was great. I'd change the story though so its not "I'm stuck in a house. Help." type of story. Nonetheless, it was a fairly good story and I'm looking forward for more of your content.

NO horrible voice acting,
FAIR challenge,
GOOD OST chosen from TDD,
NO OVERUSE of monsters
VARIETY of monsters,
and is very re-playable.


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Dang, that was brutal! Hope to see more like this.


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great mod

Really liked this custom story - played through nicely and the story actually flowed through unlike other custom stories. One point that did annoy me though was the water section - i felt that there weren't enough blocks to stand on which didn't move!

Other than that small point, as i've said it was a pretty good custom story

Ooh man that was great!!! i just went through that story.
RELATIVELY to a short story (as mentioned somewhere), that had everything and more than that, and was very enjoyable. And also it didn't had stupid-hard-naked-guy jumpscares, as i like, was adding to the overall.
and of course, the most important thing is that relatively to itself and my opinion it is GREAT. recommend it.

Sort of small things i did encounter, to the dev's attention:
--there were some locked doors that didn't make locked sound.
--/**spoiler**/ also in the water part, i don't really know why, the door of the lever didn't want to unlock, so i had to go back few times and re-try (dying too, didn't solve it). so few mechanical sounds would be great there.

that's it i think. was great experience

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