Follow the adventures of Milena and her psychic teddy bear totem in a world where psychics and normal humans coexist. In this adventure she enters into a mysterious realm inside a painting and must try to find her way back out into the real world amidst the labyrinth of intrigues and conspiracies inside the painting world.

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SOT Manual Page 4
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The single asterisk asks us to refer to Page 1, but the information is on Page 2 (with the skull graph). Also, in a case like this, the writer should assume that the reader will remember what a totem is after having read it only one page ago.

Finally, about the adenovirus. In normal humans, it creates symptoms ranging from the common cold to severe bronchitis. I would assume that psychics would simply avoid regular humans (human women) to avoid contact with the virus. Or the women must undergo a strict medical cleansing and vaccination prior to mating with a psychic. Perhaps this fact leads to more racism against psychics (if stuff like that is pertinent in this mod).

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Kremator_ Author

That stuff is indeed pertinent and will be one of the themes we will be exploring in the mod - usually avoidance would eliminate the possibility of the virus but you know how love sometimes can be irrational :P.

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This is all very interesting, but I'm kind of wondering if its a good idea to have so many unique attributes of the psychics. I feel like the more of these attributes you add, the harder it will be to flesh them all out in the actual game, even if they make a very cool and reasonable explanation for the phsycics' powers in text form.

Also as a minor thing, you shifted between singular and plural tenses in the first sentence of the "symbiosis" paragraph.

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