You wake up in an unknown house, you don't know how you got here... you can't see anybody and the only thing you can hear is the rain splashing against the window.

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To many jump scares, not enough story, not enough gameplay, the level design is decent and keeps things interesting. But we don't really see anything original, just a very bog standard fair of key hunting, being chased and running from a water monster.


Little too short and it ended to wall.

- Poor grammar and spelling that detracts from the experience.
- Incredibly short (twenty minutes or less).
- Lack of atmosphere.
- Cheap jump scares that aren't even reasonable or justified by the story.
- Along the same lines, there was no build up or tension, just the constant anticipation of the next jump scare.
- The story (or lack thereof).
- Little to no puzzles (isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the ones that existed were incredibly simplistic and boring).
- Some useless items (never had to use Laudanum or the Sanity Potions, and the mixture in the end was used for nothing at all).
- Somewhat glitchy (had a bookcase flying around the attic room and I fell through the map when I was in the forest area).
- That trapdoor room (the bodies and low clearance made it incredibly difficult to make my way back out).

- Eerie environments (with the exception of the forest area).
- Most startling jump scares I've yet to experience (the Laudanum grunt and the flying man made me jump from my computer).

Overall, I actually ended up hating this CS. The jump scares were incredibly frightening (in a good way), but there were just too many and the story became reliant on them. It came to the point where I would keep my eyes to the floor just to avoid the next screaming naked man that I knew would be around the corner. Additionally, it was uninteresting and ultimately unappealing. It didn't instill in me the desire to carry on as vanilla Amnesia and a few other CS's have done, and it just made me want to get it over with as quickly as possible. The map startled the hell out of me, but it needed a little more pacing and a few less jumps.

- Story: 0/10
- Length: 2/10
- Puzzles: 3/10
- Scares: 4/10
- Environments: 5/10
- Originality: 4/10


Meki says

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This was pretty good but the scares were cheap. And the ending was cheap as well.
In the first map I forgot to take the lantern and was unable to return for it so I went forward without it. Otherwise, spotted no bugs. Attention to detail was good. Some more background music would add to atmosphere, thank you and keep it up!

Good maps, good scares, just a bit short.


I got scared by this :( 10/10

Overrated. Decent scares, but no story, pointless gameplay stupid ending

Expected more than just a cheap jumpscare fest from a story rated so high. The scares themselves were decent, but the story was unoriginal and made no sense and lets not forget that the mod takes only about 10 minutes to complete.

Not bad, ive definitely played worse, but WAY overrated


Poor in all ways. Little to no story; cheap jump scares that re-used constantly flying naked men.

All that GordyThePirate said, minus the Pros part.

If you need to make a naked man fly and scream to scare, then you should re-elavorate what you think fear really is.

This was meh, and there wasn't any real good scares except for a lot of cheap jump scares. Play it if you like that kind of stuff.

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Little too short and it ended to wall.

Feb 20 2012 by viliz979