Call of the Kings is a Mount and Blade add-on, that takes the player to the early age of the gunpowder in Calradia, and the dawn of many new kingdoms!

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I know how hard it is to make a mod, to add units, items and all of it. I think that he has done a pretty nice job improving the game and wish not so many people would be so hard on the mod team.

Good mod by a good team. Great new faction

It is a good mod.

Its... just the same just guns


joshuaburgess312 says

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Its a great mod.I love the music,The hand ,cannons were a nice touch,As well as the Ghoradul Faction is awesome! The things you added the plate armor and such along with the units. The only thing i have a problem with is the price of the dark armor i mean that many denars is gonna take a long to to get but i found a way around it with Argan i took his:)But like i said overall great mod

Awesome mod, love the soundtrack, new gear, new fraction and new armies!


VERY good mod all it does is expand on Native!Good job Dev.

not bad but needs new map


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