Call of Pripyat Reloaded is the third part in Reloaded series dedicated to providing the best possible experience for Call of Pripyat with a complete overhaul of all aspects of the game.

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Technical FAQ (Mods : Call of Pripyat Reloaded : Forum : Technical FAQ) Closed
mouse sensitivity problem with shotgun fleder fleder - read

Oct 15 2012

Unable to raise weapon glitch Maniac302 Maniac302 - read

Jun 14 2012

Sniper Rifle Scope problem Mirshan Clear_strelok - read

May 28 2012

[ For those that have the Main Menu Background & Item Inventory Glitch ] Blak-Dragon Blak-Dragon - read

Mar 17 2012

problems running mod frankb3 frankb3 - read

Feb 6 2012

Missing inventory icons and broken menu screen v2 rodrigojpf rodrigojpf - read

Sep 23 2011

Crash BerZerK89 Glockster - read

Jun 15 2011

Missing inventory icons and broken menu screen Zephyr8965 MouseDenton - read

May 21 2011

Cant save my game kappe9107 kappe9107 - read

Feb 21 2011

game wont start ljohn ljohn - read

Feb 18 2011


If you are victims of crashes or bugs related to the mod you can find answers to your questions here.