Reloaded is a conservative, hardcore-oriented effort to fix and improve every aspect of the original game with a massive amount of compiled and personal overhauls, bug fixes and restored content.

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A well established, ambitious and constantly improving mod.
Dedicated craftsmanship behind this work.

Wonderful, sincere modification for great work of art. You made S.T.A.L.K.E.R. brilliant and fully fascinating.
Good work, Stalker.

this is one of the best graphic wise mods ever or call of pripyat and great sun, lights, textures, sounds, and many other things i enjoy this mod because i can play it with enhanced full dynamic lighting and maximum settings thats why its so good.


The best unofficial mega mod patch that tries to stay true to the spirit of COP.

Better than Complete! That's for sure.

A couple of CTD bugs, but still manages to have great fps and graphics.

so nice! :)

Like Complete, just way better :D Love it.

Pretty enjoyable, liked it more than CoP Complete. Few errors here and there, nothing game breaking though. Good job on this.

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