BTB Airlines is an action packed vehicle deathmatch mod placed in large "Rats" style maps, powered by Serious Engine 1. The mod features advanced physics implemented using ODE (Open Dynamics Engine). ODE not only enables detailed vehicle physics, but also features such as ragdolls, dozens of movable items, bullets that are modeled as actual flying projectiles and per-polygon hit detection. The final release includes 4 cars and 3 airplanes which can be blown up with 7 different weapons, and of course the first manipulator ever to appear in a multiplayer game!

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BTB Airlines is a mod that I found browsing the Serious Sam 3 workshop. I found many item's based on it. I thought the weapons were interesting, so I looked up BTBA (as I thought it were just a weapon port), and I found this mod. This mod is amazing. Yes, some textures are bland, like the player model, but I couldn't care less about it. This mod introduces so many features not seen in the original Serious Sam TSE that makes it so much better, even if its only for multi-player. New weapons, aiming, more reloading, vehicles, hell, even a physics engine! This mod is awesome, and although no one is playing it now, I still find it so fascinating that people were able to make something like this in the old serious engine.


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