The most anticipated expansion and modification of the cult classic "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines". Adding 7 new clans with over 10 new Disciplines that use completely new mechanics previously deemed impossible, such as shapeshifting into monstrous forms, summoning deadly creatures to aid you and manipulate your surrounding in ways that change the very dynamic of the game. Antitribu also offers new main quests, maps, and over 100 new characters which vary from humans, vampires, zombies, to more uniquely formed monster bosses with new abilities and mechanics that change the way combat is experienced.

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In this section we will give info on the new Npc that have been added to the game, the new Discipline Necromancy, the new Addons that have been going on lately, and finally the Future of the Mod.

Posted by Mv.c9 on Jul 1st, 2010


There has been a new section, the addons, in this section you will see some upcomming features of Bloodlines Antitribu, in form of new Texture Packs, new Models, and some other adjustments that will be included in the Mod. Hope you have fun with it as more it is to come. currently you can have access to the "Art's BailBond office reTextured" ad test it out. please leave any feedback since its our main goal to change everything that you dont life from the mod.


Many New Npcs have been added since last time:

Joseph (Samedi Boss), is one major Npc in the new flow of the Mod, you will see him in a Quest, and Fight him eventually if you choose to, he possesses 2 powerful Disciplines, "Necromancy and Thanatosis" . here are some pictures of him:

NPC Boss - Samedi

Mage Npcs and Tremere Antitribu have also been added to the game, these Npcs have access to Fire Magic, "Dark Thaumaturge" and "Lure of Flames", which Makes the game Even more interesting.

NPC - Infernal Mage - in game

Future Development

There are Many videos that were recently added to the Mod video section, some are quite interesting such as the new Weapons Demonstration and the Samedi Boss fight. you can access all of them here:

You can access the new Forum here: , so the fans can discuss any matter related to the Mod, you can share all your ideas on how to improve Bloodlines Antitribu.

A job position is also available, for those who "Know" how to make quests for the game or that know Python language, can help us develop this mod even faster, this is currently not a paid Job, but it Might be if the Quality and speed of the work is high enough, or if the work is truly professional.

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IceCubeClown Jul 23 2010, 6:15am says:

Just some nitpicking since your spell checker did something. It's Dark Thaumaturgy (It's a real word, Greek for 'miracle work') and Fires of the Inferno rather than Lure of Flames.

The fire wielded by infernal mages need to be green in order to stick with PnP or be blue and sparkly like the fire Andrei and the Sabbat Tremere use if you want to be consistent with the vanilla game.

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Mv.c9 Author
Mv.c9 Jul 23 2010, 12:14pm replied:

Just to be Clear:
1. Thaumaturgy and Thaumaturge are the same word, different spelling. Though I have to agree that Thaumaturgy is how it is spelled in WOD, So ill go with your word on this one
2. It's Lure of Flames and Fire Magic conjured by "Prime and Force" Spheres.
3. Also at the moment the idea of infernal Mages is not part of the metaplot. there is still alot going on . . .

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IceCubeClown Jul 23 2010, 11:28pm says:

1. No they are not. Two entirely different words. A Thaumaturge is one who practices/uses Thaumaturgy.

2. You stated the mage NPCs will have access to Dark Thaumaturgy, meaning Kindred not Kine mages. You need to be clearer if you mean mages and infernalists seperately. I merely pointed out that Dark Thaumaturgy wielding infernalists would use Fires of the Inferno rather then Lure of Flames.

Also Lure of Flames is Tremere a Thaumaturgical Path, no mortal mage can wield it. Mages wield whatwver Spheres they have access to, not Thaumaturgy (Vampire Blood Magic).

3. Dark Thaumaturgy implies infernalists. You needed to word things better, as it does imply infernalists.

Just throwing some corrections out there. No need to overreact.

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Mv.c9 Author
Mv.c9 Jul 24 2010, 11:38am replied:

Yes, but I said Infernalist Mages, not Infernalist alone ! the bishop in the game, who made the plague with Dark Thaumaturgy, was also infernalist. but here you are talking about Infernal Mages, those two are Totally different entities.

I will correct the Thaumaturgy one. they need not to be tremere to use thaumaturge, many sabbat practice dark thaumaturge, specially after the slaughter of the tremere antitribu.

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IceCubeClown Jul 25 2010, 7:20am says:

1. You should have said [Nephandi] then. Much clearer that way. You slipped up with the terms. You mentioned MAGES USING DARK THAUMATURGY and LURE OF FLAMES(they can't, only vampires can). My point stands. Yours was moot.

No proof Vick did so. How the plague was made is unknown. As is his true clan.

2. You missed the point, again. Dark Thaumaturgy is NOT the same as Thaumaturgy. Read the PnP supplements properly. What I said is correct, what you've said is wrong. You said incorrect things, Mages cannot wield Dark Thaumaturgy or Thaumaturgy. Mages cannot wield vampire blood magic. They wield True Magic (Vampires don't have Avatars remember, they use the power of Caine's blood to approximate).

The Sabbat example is irrelevant. Firstly I said mortals cannot wield Tremere blood magic, not that it is exclusive to the Tremere. Your point is moot on that alone. Dark Thaumaturgy does not equal Thaumaturgy. That and as I said, MORTALS CANNOT USE VAMPIRE BLOOD MAGIC. You said they can, which is wrong.

You muddled things up by mentioning Dark Thaumaturgy/Lure of Flames being used by Mages, which is impossible/incorrect by PnP. You made some pretty big mistakes here. Just pointing things out, don't freak out.

*On another note I found some interesting 2nd ed Mage stuff about the Nagaraja that might be useful if we do make another Nagaraja NPC in Chinatown.

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Mv.c9 Author
Mv.c9 Jul 25 2010, 10:37am replied:

1. He Used Dark Thaumaturge - Path of Pestilence, and His clan is Brujah Antitribu.

2. Again, I did not mention it at all. You keep assuming stuff. I dont remember saying anywhere that a Mortal uses Dark Thaumaturge at all, In the videos I said Mages use Fire spells. and Mages use Dark Thaumaturgy.

Maybe its my fault, and the name "Mage NPC" was distracting, by that I meant the model it self and not the nature of it. that person is a Tremere. but the model is called Mage, I can change that if it REALLY bothers you !

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IceCubeClown Jul 25 2010, 11:44pm says:

1. No proof in game. No proof of demonic contract or that he serves a demon (Therefore no proof of Dark Thaumaturgy, since you can only learn it from a demon). This is pointless to discuss. You are assuming. Not everything in the game is explained, nor should it be if it is deliberately vague.

Also the listed clans in v_stats.txt are not always correct. Example: Andrei is listed as Brujah, when he is Tzimisce. That's just a gameplay mechanic. Vick could be neonate Baali Caitiff for all I know.

2. Yes you did. I'm not assuming anything, I'm going on exactly what you wrote. Mages are not vampires. Mortals cannot use vampire blood magic. What you said directly meant that Mage (Mage = Mage the Ascension) NPCs would use vampire blood magic. And you're English here is contradicting what I assume you are intending. It was your fault. The wording as I've said had unfortunate implications. Just a hazard of the language, so no bigggie. I'm just making sure no one gets the wrong idea about Thamaturgy and True Magick.

You're wording in the edit also implies mortal Mages are to be in the mod. Is this right? You need to pay attention to the wording. This is why I offered to edit news updates ages ago before you post them, SPECIFICALLY TO AVOID THIS SORT OF THING. (Note the capitals are for emphasis, not shouting). So yeah I'm just being really nitpicky so we avoid some lore errors in the mod. Remember some hardcore oWoD fans are VERY nitpicky and complain. I've seen rather disparaging remarks on forums concerning our mod by such folk. This is why I want the lore to be as accurate as possible. That's why I am being really anal. I'm not trying to screw with you or anything, I'm just discussing a problem that I see.

Really this just the pedagogue in me needing to be unleashed. So TL;DR version: Using the words Mage/s was misleading. Problem solved. I think we are done here ;). The issue has been cleared up.

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Mv.c9 Author
Mv.c9 Jul 26 2010, 6:29am replied:

1. I just stated the Obvious. He had Celerity and Presence. Unless you want it to be otherwise.

2. So do you agree on the new edition ? Magic for mages, thaumaturge for vampires. clear ?!

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IceCubeClown Jul 26 2010, 12:40pm says:

Pretty much, just your wording was slightly misleading before. I'm fine with Mages reusing the fire spell in the mod, so long as the descriptive text in the update and the like doesn't call it Thaumaturgy. That way people unfamiliar with the setting won't get the wrong idea. The edit you made should suffice for this page.

Again Vick's clan is unimportant (has no real impact on the game). I think we're done here on this page.

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Guest Nov 27 2014, 11:16am says:

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