BioMod is a set of gameplay improvements and additions based on the popular Shifter mod for Deus Ex. Features such as pickpocketing, an autosave, and Thief style ledge grabbing are included, as well as a much easier to manage augmentation system.

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Great mod, builds on Shifter and makes changes that make sense.


The best gameplay mod for Deus Ex 1, 'nuff said.

This is the best thing to ever happen to Deus ex, since shiping.

This is the game that Deus Ex should have been.

Makes the game alot more easy to manage, and balances out the skills and augs.

Very good, improves the experience more than shifter. Though it has a few quirks, still quite good.

This mod has added a needed kick in the pants to my Deus Ex experience. Love the modification to augmentations. Great Job!


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