Arctic Warfare introduces snowy and cold environments to the legendary game Battlefield 2.

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Arctic warfare, a mod that specifically is made for what the title states, is a mod that in it's first beta is a very map-based mod. Even still, it is clearly well and hard worked on, and the overrrall quality of the map is amazing.

-Beautiful map, very large and great visuals.
-New weapons and skins are always a great thing in a BF2 mod
-Challenging AI
-The little "easter egg room" inside the bunker :D

-Rather reliant on vanilla bf2
-AI mapping needs to be reworked, as sometimes they get stuck continuously walking into a wall.
-The bots will never go inside the bunker, which is a bummer because I would love to play inside there.

But overrall it's a great fun mod to play, and I recommend it to those who love snow, and BF2.

Bf2 Artic Warfare is an execllent but simple modification for Battlefield 2. The gameplay is similar to original BF2 but its great fun anyway, there are a few bugs and there is only 1 map but the mod is still good fun. The excellent geneouristy of the mod developers for lending me content for my mod Battlefield: Scadninavia was much appriciated! :)

Overall, Artic Warfare is entertaining despite a few minor problems which Im sure will be fixed in future.



This is a very good mod, one of the best around (in my opinion) This doesn't have much new content, weapons are similar to vbf2 but they suit this game very well, the maps and vehicles are amazing, Epically the Snowmobile. It's a great fun vehicle.

The Map is the only one, but it's a really good map, with bot support for all sizes (16, 32, 64) And each size of map makes a large amount of entrainment. The Bots are a good challenge making me die on the most unexpected times and are among the best A.I in a mod.

Overall, I'll be enjoying this mod for quite a bit.



Nice ;)

I like the new update that brings a bridge fight
Especially in winter time,so thats why i give a high rating
Weapons and skins are great
Love their animations and quality
AI here is good,but dont enter bunkers,that i dont like
Easter i found,and i like it :D

Well you have a 9 from me
Good modification,if you look at the brigth side :)

epic game

The most awesome BattlefielD 2 mod! It contains snowy maps, new weapons, vehicles and arctic environments...
Good job! :)

The snow map is awesome, the bike needs some work tho :D

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