You will play as the goblin infused strength focused Orc, the technologically advanced economical Human, the hyper-aggressive soul thirsty Lost, or the adaptive magic crazed Naga. Included are highly customized tech trees for each race, new heroes, units, abilities, spells, upgrades, integrated sea units, specialized terrain, and support features.

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Lost has see some major changes for balance reasons. Namely they no longer have a timed life. Instead organic units decay when off blight. I am also excited about the new Blaster model, and role it plays with the unit's capability.

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Balance Changes:

-Warlock costs 75 lumber
-Dragon gold cost reduced from 780 to 630
-Mumbo Priest gold cost reduced from 615 to 480, lumber cost increased to 90
-Juggernaut hit points increased from 1968 to 2000, gold cost increased from 480 to 510, lumber cost increased from 105 to 205
-Blaster gold cost decreased from 660 to 500, lumber cost increased from 60 to 160, has Forked Lightning, Armor Piercing Shells replaced with Overflow
-Battle Guide lumber cost increased from 270 to 400
-Hex no longer targets creeps above level 5
-Supremacy Aura renamed to Horde Mentality, each Orc organic combat unit has HM, when a unit with HM kills it grants firendly units with HM a 5% bonus to attack damage up to 10 kills
-Old Horde Mentality renamed to Last Stand, now creates a timed life ward (Last Stand Ward) at Cannon Fodder target location that provides the bonus in addition to the Battle Guide providing the bonus.
-Envenomed Spears now displays a buff like other upgrades so enemy players can see what that it has been researched, fixed buff description
-Fade Step costs 50 mana at all levels

-Retribution Wagon lumber cost increased from 75 to 125
-Gryphon Rider gold cost decreased from 780 to 580
-Savant Mage gold cost reduced from 615 to 410, lumber cost increased to 60
-Battleship hit points reduced from 1968 to 1700, gold cost reduced from 480 to 460, lumber cost increased from 105 180
-Steam Engine gold cost decreased from 630 to 520, lumber cost increased from 60 to 140, hit points increased to 1100 from 1050
-Soul imitation is now passive for human organic units, lasts 25 seconds, deals 50% damage, takes 2x damage, 45 second cooldown
-Retribution Wagon has Spell Shield
-Cluster Rockets damage reduced from 17.5 per rocket to 10

-Flutter replaced with Vile Cocoon
-Chain Prison replaced with Extricate
-Quench Life mana cost reduced from 200 to 180
-Uncertain Fate replaced with Slaughter
-Void Aide hit points reduced from 375 to 320
-Lost units now cost gold and lumber with exception to workers, and units summoned from the Derelict
-Lost structure gold cost reduced by 20%
-Lost research gold cost reduced by 10%
-Consumed Gold Mine limber cost reduced from 220 to 120
-Terminus move speed increased from 40 to 80
-Mana Current now affects all friendly units and structures at level 1, and increases the bonus to 2 mana per second at level 2
-Possession replaced with Cede
-Shambler HP reduced to 550 from 600
-Nightmare HP reduced from 875 to 730
-Shadow hit poin ts reduced from 220 to 180
-Fulgor hit points increased from 120 to 180
-Monarch max mana reduced from 300 to 200
-Vile Cocoon has mana cost of 150
-Anguish now requires a Bastion for first upgrade
-Mana Barrier available at tier 1
-Aperture build time reduced from 60 to 40 seconds
-Aperture gold cost reduced from 360 to 280
-Overseer gold cost reduced from 340 to 240
-Sieve gold cost reduced from 310 to 275
-Stygian Bastille gold cost reduced from 320 to 260
-Essence behavior changed. Lost units now decay when off of blight at a large rate. Cruxes reduce that rate, eventually to +.5. 9 Crux's are necessary to max out the regeneration upgrade.
-Aperture gold cost reduced from 280 to 220, lumber cost from 190 to 110
-Tainted Fountain AOE decreased from 400 to 300
-Conduit lumber cost reduced from 300 to 220
-Overseer build time reduced from 70 to 35
-Abyss build time reduced from 80 to 37
-Augmenter replaced with Guardian on Adjutant
-Tainted Eye replaced with Dimensional Eye on Corrus
-Cede now requires Reliquary indead of Monolith
-Shadow/Fulgor mana cost increased to 175 from 75
-Lost organic combat units now have Mana Shield, Lost structures no longer have Mana Shield
-Lost structure maximum mana levels adjusted
-Tranfer mana now targets all units, transfer 10 mana per second, and lasts uuntil deactivated/runs out of mana/target is at full mana
-Derelict no longer requires a Bastion
-Lumber harvested per interval reduced from 7 to 6
-Mechanic's Bane renamed to Weather Bane, damage reduced from 85 to 45, targets all non-structure units
-Void Aide sells Cloak of Shadows
-Horn of Rage no longer increases hit point regeneration

-Iron Enforcer replaced with Iron Cyclops
-Greed Vault is now a third normal hero ability
-Deriviative Wealth is now an ultimate
-Inferno Stone duration reduced from 180 to 80

-Upkeep thresholds increased from 75 and 120 to 95 and 130
-Repair cost and time now correct for all structures
-Easy and Normal AI's added


-Fixed bug with Soul Imitation whereby it could drop the item it uses
-Omega Wave dummy no longer uses 2 food

-Mince hotkey fixed
-Adjutant has new sound set
-Corrected Nightmare description

-Assault no longer includes Consumed Mine Tentacles, or other special units, has a 10 second cooldown

Cosmetic Changes:

-Updated Goblin Shipyard model

-Updated Human Shipyard model
-Updated Monastery model
-Sanctuary Gem displays hot key correctly

-Executioner model scale increased
-Lost birth animation model edited so it no longer shows a gap when placed on hills
-Oppressor has new missile model for non-structures

-Decoy model changed

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